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Caged Gorilla

Ganja Ken

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Caged Gorilla


Keith’s Basement x Gorilla Bubble Bx4


We have combined Keith’s Basement with our stinky and sturdy, GG#4 leaning, Gorilla Bubble Bx4 male from @Tonygreen's Tortured Beans.


The effects are a fast hitting, potent and uplifting cross, with notes of cookie dough, grape, coffee, hash and burned rubber and packs dense, resinous flowers. These plants will require air filtration if odour is a risk!


This was a limited release of 30 packs from our parent stock of the first filial generation of this cross.


Flowering Time: 63-75+ Days

Yield: Medium to High

Seed type: Regular

Indoor / Outdoor: Both





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There are KB packs available for sure - I have a bunch of pics to upload on those!


I think the Caged Gorilla are sold out but I might a few to re-stock when the f2’s are all packed up.

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Dammit! Of course I missed em. Absolutely gorgeous my friend! Still gotta fire up these Jimmie rustlers as well, but damn I wanted that caged gorilla. 

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