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    • Bubba_Dogg
      Yea the 50 cal is from oasis.. I couldn't find much on it either online.. most people were making fun of it on other forums cause its supposed to be represented by flesh in bone from the bone thugs n harmony rap group or something..  I dunno I figured since DBJ said the beans were getting old I would go ahead n check it out..  it just said paralyzer on the card that came with it so I doubt it's the pinconning.. but the packs from mota said pinconning..  who knows tho...
    • Limos
      Pretty sure @murfy laid down the story before the Lab went down & why you will only find watered down versions.  I don’t believe it exists in true form anymore.  50 cal was made with purple paralyzer if I’m not mistaken by Oasis medical seeds. I remember talking with Tony about this a couple few years ago...again I don’t think it’s a true representation of PP from back in the day.  Then again, WTF do I know 😬
    • knucklehead bob
        Met Mr. Mota a couple years ago & I understand that he is around that area where the Pinconning Paralyzer originated . Maybe @Limos or @smelly ole cat can confirm ? 
    • Squire
      I'd love to hear more background info, if there is any. Legendary to me when I was a kid All I can really say is that I remember it being spicy on the nose, herbal/vegetal in aroma, clear-minded, purple (maybe just temps), and euphoric/uplifting.  Keep in mind that this was back in the day. Like twenty years ago. Brick days... So that could have skewed my impression. Oh yeah. Time, too. Lol
    • Dpow1026
      Damn, thank you for the response. It was worth a shot 
  • Our picks

    • The first round will be Fuck The Government 5 ways till Sunday

      Resist (Hippy Slayer x FTG)

      FTG F2s

      (Gorilla Fuck x FTG) 

      (Appalachian HP x FTG)

      (ECPD x FTG) 

      Testers will be available to pop 12-31-17

      Also soon to be announced Basement Breeders will be dropping some testers & also Funky Farms will be releasing some nice funk as well.

      Dr Fuck project is underway and testers will be available Feb. 

      Good Medicine OG has turned out better than expectations. Besides some very nice vigorous dank females I have found 2 heavy CBD males that I'll be evaluating to 1 before making F2s & hitting up my High CBD Atonic female

      More projects planned and will update here. If you're interested in testers HMU PM. Priority will be givens to those that have journaled before. Eventually there might be some freebies headed out for the Lab 420 style. 

      In addition, Vehicle City Holistic will be releasing Government Cheese with Ninefold and if things go well will be available at the emerald cup. More on this later. 

      Lastly, the 9 days of Christmas will be going down in IG after Thanksgiving if you like giveaways...keep an eye out

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    • Welcome to the macro attack thread and my forum here at ZLabs. Hat's off to Zoot for getting the site back on-line. That had to be difficult and I personally appreciate his dedication to keeping this going. 

      Relentless Cherry Cookie...enjoy..

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