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  3. Great Lakes Genetics

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    3. ABF Genetics

      Always Be Flowering

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    5. Annunaki Genetics

      Welcome to Annunaki Genetics, a U.S. based cannabis seed company & seed bank. We have a long rooted history of elite cannabis cultivation, which today continues that tradition of patient toil, dedication, and seasoned expertise in the breeding of only select and choice varietals.

    6. Antenna Seeds

      Producing high quality beans, of the best indoor Sativa's in the world.

    7. Av3 Genetics

      Continuously working old school genetics since 1999 to preserve a piece of our history. My plants are strictly grown 100% organically.

      Find me on IG @ AV3 Genetics

      Seeds available @ Great Lakes Genetics

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    8. Bad Dawg Genetics

      If you got some of these for Great Lakes Genetics then show us your grow.

    9. Baked Beanz

      seed maker based in Europe

      small operation making high quality tested beanz

    10. Bodhi Seeds

      Bodhi Seeds is one of the most sought after breeders of cannabis seeds because of the fine genetics that they have in each marijuana seed strain that they produce. They are known as family owned business that use organic methods in producing cannabis seeds and they use a special genetics file to know what are the best strains to produce hybrid marijuana seeds.

    11. Celestial Seeds

      Michigan based breeder

      Find out more on IG: @celestial_seeds

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    13. East Coast Family Farms

      East Coast Family Farms

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    15. Gage Green Genetics

      Gage Green Group seeks out and propagates the finest smoke from around the world. We use natural breeding techniques to selectively advance the vitality and potentiality of cannabis.

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    21. Kak's Kreations

      The man bred medical cannabis before it was cool, and is now sharing his insights and genetic workings.

    22. Karma Genetics

      Karma Genetics officially started in 2008 after winning a cup at the IC420 cup in Amsterdam.  I started breeding in 2000 and have been working in the Dutch canna-scene since 1996, starting in a coffee-shop and later running a local grow-shop.

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    24. Maddfarmer Genetics

      Creator of such strains as Tripoli Wicked, Triple Deep, Purple Jackie & Strawberry Frost

      instagram: @mrsmaddfarmer and @the_madd_farmer

      snapchat: mrsmaddfarmer

      twitter: https://twitter.com/MaddfarmerG

    25. Manidoo Seeds

      Capturing the Spirit of Cannabis from around the world within Spirit Seeds bringing medicine to the people.

    26. Mantis Genetics

      Small collective of Cannabis enthusiasts with more than 20 years of experience, focused on offering strains of the highest Quality always on a small scale.
      We offer a wide catalog of feminized strains, medical strains that were selected by patients and a continuous work of surprising regular strains in limited edition.

      Instagram: @mantisgenetics

    27. Mass Medical Strains

      Mass Medical Strains are bred for unique, outstanding effects and created with rare genetics. Grown with love in an all organic environment. We are best known for our Star Pupil strain and its crosses. Our PuTang strain was named 1st in High Times Magazine Top Ten Strains of 2019 and won 1st Place Flower at Commonwealth Cannabis Cup! Mass Medical Strains is an East Coast creation born out of intuition, love, and passion for the plant and to explore the endless potential of rare, uncommon and intriguing genetics from across the globe.

    28. Mephisto Genetics

      Mephisto Genetics has become one of the true elite auto-flower breeders in the world and are truly changing the ruderalis cannabis scene! We are proud to be the largest Mephisto supplier in the United States!

    29. Merakii

      Meraki is a Greek word,  which means 'to give all your love, soul and creativity into something'. I added a second 'i' at the end to symbolize unity and teamwork...because you just can't do something like this alone.

    30. Mosca Seeds

      The Mosca Seeds Team has been producing the Highest Quality Strains for over 6 years and has been awarded Multiple Cannabis Cups in Europe. During this time, Mosca Seeds has earned the respect of Pot Enthusiasts from around the world. Grower reviews Worldwide have been praises to the “Excellent quality” of Mosca’s Strain Genetics. It all starts with a seed…

    31. Motarebel Genetics

      With over 15 years experience, Motarebel genetics was created to produce high quality affordable genetics. All strains are true F1's and will show lots of vigor.

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    34. Old Pro Seeds

      Old Pro Seeds

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    36. Possum Ridge Genetics

      Possum Ridge Genetics

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    37. Seeds of Compassion

      Genuine craftsmanship with only the rarest, most exclusive genetics in the world.

    38. Serious Home Breeder

      I am based in New Zealand and grow under prohibition. 

      I like to breed genetics that are suited to that particular circumstance, ie, large yielding easy to grow, indoors and out. 

      I also like to grow and breed high cbd genetics.

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    40. Strawberry Hill Seed Co.

      I will be going forward as Strawberry Hill Seed Co. , a name that reflects my roots and where I first put my hands in dirt and where this adventure truly started for me.

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    42. The Real Seed Company

      The Real Seed Company is a group of collectors focused on cannabis landraces. Our speciality is authentic, unhybridized cultigens from Asia, the original homeland of cannabis.

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    44. TGTB   (186 visits to this link)

      This way to Tony G’s Clubhouse

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    46. TWENTY20 Mendocino Genetics

      Mendocino County, CA State and County Licensed Cultivators Quality Not Quantity Growing and Breeding are our passions.

    47. Wicked Sowa Seeds

      Follow me on IG: @Wickedsowa

      Coming Soon: wickedsour.com

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      They seeds are free to anyone who wishes to except them and grow them out.  Complements of our own lab members. 

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      Discussions on  treatments with cannabis

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      Share your recipes with the rest 

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    1. Deficiency Guide

      Calcium, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium and Iron are the primary nutrients that plants need. If you come up against a deficiency in one of the elements in your plant(s), you are in some serious trouble. Brown spots, yellow spots, burned leaves and leaves falling off are just some examples. And if you don’t come up with a solution quickly, your beloved plant(s) may pass the point of no return.

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    • shaggy
      Tests Available for These Common Cannabinoids: As always, consult your physician regarding the use of any medicine.   “CBGA” = cannabigerol acid– CBGA is the primary cannabinoid from which all others derive. The plant first makes CBGA and then converts it, sometimes in several sequential steps, into the others.   There are three major branches: (1) THCA and derivatives, (2) CBDA and derivatives, and (3) CBCA and derivatives. At certain stages of development, significant amounts of CBGA are observed in plant samples, but typically there is less than 2% at harvest.   Like many of the acid forms of cannabinoids, it has been reported to have anti-inflammatory properties. A patent filed in 2006 also claimed analgesic properties and many others have also been reported.   “CBG” = cannabigerol – When acid forms of cannabis are heated (or exposed to lots of UV light) they lose a molecule of carbon dioxide and form the neutral cannabinoid (sometimes called the phenol). CBG has been reported to have anti-proliferative (anti-tumor) and antibacterial activity, among others. CBG has been reported to inhibit growth of human epithelial cancer tumors.   “THCA” =D9-THCA = Delta9-THCA A: D9-tetrahydrocannabinol acid – This is the precursor to THC and is typically the most abundant cannabinoid produced in most plants grown at present. (Dried cannabis typically contains 15-25% THCA.)   A large fraction (but not all ) of the THCA converts to THC upon strong heating (> 200°F). The amount converted depends on the details of the temperature and timing. THCA has been shown to have anti-spasmodic and anti-proliferative (anti-cancer) properties, as well as evidence of anti inflammatory activity. (In fact, there are other acid forms of THC, but they are almost always present in only very small quantities.   THCA A and THCA B differ only in the placement of the carboxylic acid group. THCA A is almost always the version referred to when no designation is made.)   “THC"= “D9-THC” = Delta9-THC = D9-tetrahydrocannabinol – Thought to be the most psychoactive of the cannabinoids and largely attributed with many beneficial medical properties, such as pain relief, appetite stimulation, anti spasmodic properties, anti-emetic properties and many more.   Plants don’t produce this compound directly. (Dried plant material contains only a few percent THC.) It is produced from THCA (see next entry) by heating or exposure to UV light. Not all THCA ends up as THC. Heating has been shown to convert at most about 70% of the THCA into THC. The “D9” in the name indicates the specific location of a carbon-carbon double-bond in one of the rings.   “D8-THC” = Delta8–THC = D8-tetrahydrocannabinol – This compound has almost the exact same structure as D9-THC, except, as you might have guessed, the double bond in question is in the D8 position instead of the D9 position. Its effects are thought to be very similar to D9-THC.   This compound is almost never produced in any significant amount by plants, but it is one of the few readily available standards that labs can purchase.   Nevertheless, studies on the medicinal properties are few at this time. “THCA-C4” = Tetrahydrocannabinol-C4 – Version of THCA with a slightly shorter side chain. It only has a 4-carbon chain, whereas THCA has a five carbon chain. Believed to have similar effects to THCA.   “THVA” = tetrahydrocannabivarin acid – A version of THCA that only has three carbons (instead of 5) in the “alkyl side chain.” Believed to have similar effects to THCA. “THV” = "THCV" = tetrahydrocannabivarin – Formed when THVA is heated (or exposed to UV light).   It has been reported to be anti-epileptic, anorectic, and a bone stimulant. “CBNA” = cannabinol acid – A breakdown product of THCA by air oxidation. “CBN” = cannabinol – Formed when CBNA is heated (or exposed to UV light).   “CBDA” = cannabidiol acid – CBDA is at the top of the second major branch of CBGA derivatives and is thought to concentrate in the glandular hairs. It has been shown to exhibit anti-proliferative (anti-tumor) effects, among several other attributes.   Some strains of cannabis occasionally yield plants that produce more CBDA than THCA, which, after heating, means more CBD than THC.   Many patients prize these samples since they seem to exert many beneficial medical effects without the sometimes disorienting “high” associated with similar doses of THC.   Most plant samples contain less than 2% CBDA. However, the few samples that do produce large amounts often contain over 10% CBDA (and only ~5% THCA). “CBD” = cannabidiol – CBD is, after THC, one of the most widely studied of the cannabinoids.   It is believed to possess numerous beneficial medicinal effects. It has been clinically evaluated in anxiety, psychosis, and movement disorders, and to relieve neuropathic pain in patients with multiple sclerosis (in combination with D9-THC as a 1:1 mixture, i.e. Sativex).   “Project CBD” is an organization that tracks the medical and cannabis industries for advances in the knowledge of CBD. They have many resources on their web site for learning more about CBD and its effects.   “CBCA” = cannabichromene acid – CBCA sits at the top of the third major “daughter” branch of cannabinoids from CBGA.   A recent patent claims that CBCA is produced primarily in the sessile trichomes of the plant (those without stalks). CBCA is thought to possess anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal activity.   “CBC” = cannabichromene – CBC forms when CBCA is heated (or exposed to UV light). Although one of the three most prevalent classes of cannabinoids, CBC has, to date, received relatively little attention. CBC is reported to exert anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and modest analgesic activity. It also has been reported to be a bone stimulant.   “CBLA” = cannabicyclol acid – CBLA is a degradation product. When CBCA absorbs UV light, CBLA is produced. “CBL” = cannabicyclol – CBL forms when CBLA is heated (or exposed to UV light).
    • shaggy
      Cannabinoids 101   Medical Properties of Cannabinoids Cannabinoids are a set of about 80-100 compounds found only in cannabis plants.   The cannabinoids are a subset of terpenoids. Terpenoids are a very large class of naturally occurring organic chemicals that come in thousands of varieties. They contribute to scents and flavors and colors of plants, such as cinnamon or ginger.   Many are valued for herbal or medicinal properties(antibacterials, analgesics), such as menthol, camphor, or eucalyptol. Thus, all cannabinoids are terpenoids, BUT not all terpenoids are cannabinoids.   Cannabis does produce many terpenoids that are not cannabinoids, as well, but the cannabinoids are currently the compounds in which most people are interested.   Nevertheless, testing laboratories are embarking on a quest to identify and quantify several of the other terpenoids in cannabis that may, also, have medicinal qualities.   Cannabis plants are unique in that they make a compound called CBGA (cannabigerol acid). This compound is the “mother” or “grandmother” to all of the rest of the cannabinoids.   Some of the more prevalent cannabinoids are listed below. In the plant, CBGA gets converted mostly along three major divisions: THCA and derivatives, CBDA and derivatives, and CBCA and derivatives.   Most of the currently common strains produce primarily the THCA family. Years of hybridization efforts to increase the psychoactive potency of cannabis have, largely, been successful in this.   A few strains are known to sometimes produce more of the CBDA family and are of great interest now due to recent successful studies showing the great potential of CBD, in particular, as effective for treating numerous ailments.   The CBCA family is much less studied at this point, but, with the advent of new technologies, the identification of strains with significant amounts of the CBCA family is just beginning. In fact, this is true of almost all of the cannabinoids other than THC and CBD.   The research on most other compounds is still in its infancy, but results are being produced at an increasingly rapid pace.    
    • dragboatjeffy
      All Kinetic strains are 50% off Buy 2 get 1 Kinetic freebie - Shop Kinetic Qualifying purchases get a free doobie case #GreatLakesGenetics #Bad_Dawg_Genetics #kineticgenetics    
    • chillkoots
      Have you tried Dyna-gro?  https://www.amazon.com/s?k=dyna+gro+fertilizer&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
    • shaggy
      Looks almost done swelling but it looks good too! I have a new cut of Albany Headband. Looking at her in the tent I was disappointed, but once well dried, turns out I was happily surprised.   When she is finished give her the chronic test. You know roll one as fat as you can give it to chronic and if he get just a little high from it, then it is probably a keeper....LOL
    • crownpoodle
      Cheapest for perlite and lady bugs. Soil, not so cheap. 
    • Zett
      Yea I get some stuff from ace as well.
    • crownpoodle
      My local Ace was pretty receptive to product suggestions. Maybe they'd order for you,then stock some basics. 
    • JAWS
      HD and lowes around here have shit so those are out. MG ferts are every where though ahh never really used those for mj growing but i may have to give it a shot.   humm Ace never thought about looking there, ahh may be.         very shitty for-sure  ..
    • crownpoodle
      Forgot about that. Ace Truevalue carries a fair range in mutes. Dry and liquid.
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