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    • Canuck
      Hey @rick_ferrari2001 how’d these WP’s turn out? I have one at 3 weeks now and am curious what I’m in for. 
    • TheMan13
      I'd think we'd have to conflate and conject quite a bit to get to the latter no?  Sans the esoteric scientific and legal viability arguments against such claims, there is also quite a simple and compelling economic one.  Can you imagine the cost/investment involved in such an imaginary endeavor if possible/feasible?  The risk reward equation just doesn't ring true to me.   Decades ago as a competitive international canine breeder I worked to help map the canine DNA.  Building that database was an unprecedented task with monumental costs that could not have been completed without donors/volunteers like me, government subsidies and university help.   We've come a long way in canna, but we are nowhere near mapping canna DNA IMHO.  Oddly the dog and canna communities have a lot of common eccentricities, as I feel like I've heard these fears before ; -)~
    • shaggyballs
      Nope I called it out right when it was starting and was told to put on the tinfoil hat and stop yelling the sky is falling. Like usual but I did not care, and they still call me freak.....I think I may even like it a bit...LOL
    • Ilynnboy
      I can’t honestly think of One Valid reason to incriminate yourself to a corporation for what? My plants is Special???? The fees can walk in there any day of the week and take all they want as far as Indormation is concerned. It’s Just Bad JuJu   I thought we were an underground scene?   Phylos is gonna play Whack a Mole with the Feds... And your genetics are the Moles..They just need the missing link...the key to all they have been searching for..    Why would they seek out everyone’s Plant info?   For what corporate benefit? Why would Phylos do something that doesn’t benefit them? For public consumption of Info? Nah... it’s for building a Genetic Library...   Am I the Only one who saw this coming  a Year ago?   I smell a Lot Of Smoke being blown up everyone’s Ass...   My .02$ 
    • Tynehead Tom
      we were kicking around names for the shiskaberry f1 x shiskaberry 3f2 and "Rock the Casbah" was playing on the stereo and the name Shiskabah just kinda popped out. When I think of the name it brings a picture of a bunch of afghan dudes sitting around drinking tea and hitting the hash pipe....   The original Shiskaberry F1 is Afghan the red/the yellow X DJ short Blueberry male. Shiskaberry 3 reunited Afghan the Red with Shiskaberry. Earthy Hashy flavors accompanied by melon, berry, honey....... some phenos can be straight up bed time weed but most of the time Shiskaberry is just good all around smoke for any time of day. I have not been able to lab test any of the plants for potency or terpene panel  
    • knucklehead bob
      KALAMAZOO, MI — The Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners voted down a proposal to add the word “marijuana” to its drug testing policy, that would have allowed drug testing of employees suspected of being high on the plant, which recently became legal in Michigan. After discussion on April 16, commissioners voted against the measure recommended by county staff. It would have updated a policy to test non-union employees for the presence of marijuana if they are suspected of being under the influence, in some cases. Refusal to submit to such testing would have resulted in immediate dismissal, according to a presentation on the policy recommendation by Human Resources Director Kristine Cunningham in March. Drug tests proposed for county employees suspected to be ‘under the influence’ The county board decided to table the issue at its March 20 meeting. The recommendation was presented to the county board a few months after the legalization of the adult use and possession of marijuana in Michigan. Commissioner Meredith Place said she doesn’t think the policy is consistent in its language. “I don’t think we should be making statements that employees are prohibited from being under the influence of legally prescribed medication because I don’t know what under the influence means and by whose barometer?” Place said. Commissioner Mike Quinn said he is concerned about possible false positives from the tests that could label someone as being under the influence when that isn’t actually the case. “I bring this up because I think the manufacturers of the tests have kind of convinced us their tests are very very reliable. They’re doing the best they can, but the high number of false positives on this test just scares me," Quinn said. Commissioners questioned the wording of the proposed policy, asked about how the policy would be implemented. “Where management has reason to believe that an employee may be under the influence of a controlled substance, marijuana or alcohol, they may require the employee to submit to breath, urine or blood testing to determine the presence of a controlled substance, marijuana or alcohol," the defeated proposal reads. Commissioner Tracy Hall said the proposed policy was too subjective. Commissioner Christine Morse said there is no way to get around the process being subjective, but said the county needs a policy in place. “You cannot not have a policy in place. You then open yourself to lawsuits -- someone crashes a car, they were drunk, they were high, and there’s evidence they have been, someone can prove that,” Morse said. Commissioner Roger Tuinier said the process will always be subjective, and he supports the measure. “I think this is good, you’ve got to start somewhere,” he said. Commissioners discussed the issue at previous meetings and voted down the proposed policy this week. Human Resources Director Kristine Cunningham said the latest reading was the third time the policy was before the board, and after the proposal was defeated, county staff has requested a report from a labor attorney about what liabilities the county may face without approving an updated policy to reflect changes in the state law. The county’s current drug free workplace policy remains in place and states the county expects to have a workplace free of drugs, alcohol and illegal controlled substances. Any employee exhibiting suspicious behavior or activity consistent with the use of illegal drugs or alcohol may be subject to drug testing. The current policy does not specifically mention marijuana in the section of the policy about testing for substances. However, the current policy mentions illegal substances, and would have included marijuana within its definition, until the recent change in state law. Under the current policy, the use of medical marijuana while working or being under the influence of medical marijuana while working is strictly prohibited, and a violation of the drug-free workplace policy will result in discipline including termination. The updated policy would have included the word “marijuana” in the section about drug testing employees and was recommended to bring the county’s policy in line with the updated state law. The plant remains illegal on the federal level, despite its legal status in Michigan since voters approved a proposal in November 2018 to legalize use and possession of marijuana for people 21 and older. Commissioners Ron Kendall, Stephanie Moore, Meredith Place, Mike Quinn, Paul Haag and Tracy Hall voted against the measure. Commissioners Christine Morse, Julie Rogers, Michael Seals, Roger Tuinier, and John Gisler voted for the proposal.   https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2019/04/county-says-no-to-drug-tests-for-employees-suspected-to-be-high-on-marijuana.html?fbclid=IwAR2novpbBdyj1LcJ_HcaBY7VZOxlimhGMtqWGTd7g8GDbD3QlRFuL3uYM-c
    • Smokin Joe
      Yup and you arta see the looks they give me lol
    • knucklehead bob
      Congratulations , again , to the 3 amigos at Motherless Goat Farms    Have they actually met you up there yet @Smokin Joe ? 🤨    
    • Smokin Joe
      We got our processors license on Friday. MGF Refinery lives, woooo hooooo  
    • 3rdCoaster
      I have never been  the dieting type, but so far so good.   Bullet proof coffee is a good way to start the day.....then prosciutto, olives and goat cheese for lunch,  Salmon fried in butter with asparagus slathered in the same for dinner ......what's not to love?   Seriously though, I too have a friend that has battled gut health and auto immune issues her whole life and is experiencing an amazing turn around.   What I saw was enough to convince me to give it a try.     @Tynehead Tom my wife had a similar issue.....loved sugar and cream in her coffee, every single day for years and years....started breaking out in a rash on her hands that would not respond to anything.    Started to eliminate foods...dairy and sugar were the first to go and within a couple weeks that darn rash was gone and hands were healed.      Glad to hear you got it sorted.  
    • PlantLady
      Yippee! Both of my White Lotus x Genius Thai Extreme are now showing pistils!!! 
    • Dog Star
      What are genetics inside Shiskaberry??     Shiskabah sounds like Bosnian name...  ;D   Am very interested,what are stone effects and what kind of terps and potency they give out???
    • Enoch Warlock
      Shiskaberry was my first keeper plant, from a 10 pack of Cash Crop Ken seeds.  She is a special girl and I look forward to the day Tyne reunites me with my long lost love!   
    • Tynehead Tom
      Shiskaberry is just nostalgia to me. I also like her earthy, berry, melon influenced hashy flavors. I also think she is a beautiful plant to look at as well, not that others aren't..... I dunno, we all have our favorites and Shiskaberry is one of mine hehehe. The other thing that sets it apart for me and no doubt others following along is the fact that it is outside the scope of the chems, OGs, sours, diesels so is a clean slate to first IBL , then begin some outcrosses and create some new hybrids.
    • fabvariousk
      Because without them a french-speaking Canadian would be all “What is calories? I am confused!”
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