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  • Our picks

    • Sar Hawza F2 (Afghan Landrace)
      Got 13 of these seeds today,

      looking forward to seeing what comes from them gems.
      A big thank you to @Doc_Gage for making these available and his work with Odon’s Outcasts a great service to our men and women in and out of the armed forces.
      Feel free to pull up a chair, got cold ones in the fridge, whisky on top of it.
      I'm going straight into a mix of ocean forest and light warrior with these.
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    • BAD DAWG Genetics freebies at Greatlakes Genetics
      This Is Dragnoatjeffy
      I am Bad Dawg gennetics.
      Before i started Greatlakes Gentics I helped Mota (Mota Rebel) sell and test strains.
      I took his Stud Long Bottom Leaf Male (SFV OG clone only x Jacks Cleaner 2 mabe by Loran). , which is the stud in Rebel OG ,Twisted Fruit, Vally Ghash ,Yopper Kush just to name a few..
      I made a open pollination with It to a group of well know strains such as GG4,ECSD,SFV OG,Dead Head,Kosher Kush,Starfighter,Head band ect.
      All the mothers are strains I have grown in my Garden for a long time and have been proven stable.
      The ZD30 ,Zero dark 30, is a strain made by Sym.It is La Confidental x Purple Kush (Mota). It won a 2nd place high CBD award at the 2012 Hash Bash. 
      I pollinated 4 Tall Phenos (potentally high CBD strains) and 1 short pheno,that is solid purple and that looked and tasted like La Confidental.
      The tall plants should have some high THC/CBD phenos.
      I also hit Bodhi's Harliquin BX and his CBD Rich Blessings with LBL.
      Most have been grown out doors ,but only a few were grown in door's.
      I have asked for some feed back and will share what comes threw in a news letter.
      Thanks DBJ




       Bubba Kush 30 

      I have a friend that use to live in Cali. He traded me a 1/4 pound of Bubba kush for some of my buds.
      We got 30 seeds out of 1/4 pound, This was sum bad ass weed.
      We popped all 30 seeds, they were all female. So they were probably a hermi, how ever none of the seeds that we popped hermied.
      All plants were simular and we ended up keeping 1 ,Number 30. It is still in my top 5 best strains.
       Brown sugar (I made this 15 years ago (fucking Incredible x hash plant (sinsi seeds).Tested at 23%THC

      Blue thunder
       Pre 98 BK (Mota CUT)


      Listed under Greatlakes Genetics

      Freebie Grow Journels.
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    • The first round will be Fuck The Government 5 ways till Sunday

      Resist (Hippy Slayer x FTG)

      FTG F2s

      (Gorilla Fuck x FTG) 

      (Appalachian HP x FTG)

      (ECPD x FTG) 

      Testers will be available to pop 12-31-17

      Also soon to be announced Basement Breeders will be dropping some testers & also Funky Farms will be releasing some nice funk as well.

      Dr Fuck project is underway and testers will be available Feb. 

      Good Medicine OG has turned out better than expectations. Besides some very nice vigorous dank females I have found 2 heavy CBD males that I'll be evaluating to 1 before making F2s & hitting up my High CBD Atonic female

      More projects planned and will update here. If you're interested in testers HMU PM. Priority will be givens to those that have journaled before. Eventually there might be some freebies headed out for the Lab 420 style. 

      In addition, Vehicle City Holistic will be releasing Government Cheese with Ninefold and if things go well will be available at the emerald cup. More on this later. 

      Lastly, the 9 days of Christmas will be going down in IG after Thanksgiving if you like giveaways...keep an eye out

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    • Doobies' Macro Attack
      Welcome to the macro attack thread and my forum here at ZLabs. Hat's off to Zoot for getting the site back on-line. That had to be difficult and I personally appreciate his dedication to keeping this going. 

      Relentless Cherry Cookie...enjoy..

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    • Tynehead Tom
      ya, it's not like I'm losing my shit and gonna go postal..... nothing like that haha but I'm extremely disenfranchised with the population of this country and who it elects to government. This legalization everyone is rooting for and watching with interest from around the world is going to bring huge changes for the actual "cannabis community" as we all know it. Non compliance will mean real jail time for something as simple as receiving seeds in the mail.
    • Slick rick
      All pheno look nice I love smoking the Irena cut she is tasty with a good punch
    • TheMan13
      @Tynehead Tom  Keep up the good fight brother, I hear and understand your plight.  You know I won't be buying anything there, I'm more worried about my legal jeopardy.  I've already had a couple of Ontario growers step up to cover us with meds for the evening.  Although I will likely leave a mint behind at the Caesar's Windsor casino and our smoking suite in the adult tower with one of the best views of Detroit in the world ;-)~      
    • Tynehead Tom
      Personally I don't care about legalization when it comes to the next federal election. The liberals already have all thier cronies in the positions that all the money will funnel too. I will absolutely go to jail or leave the country before I ever spend 1 fucking cent on "legal" weed ..... Fuck The Government. I care about the hard earned money I make legitimately, staying in my pocket and all these liberal and ndp clowns do is dream up more ways to suck the money from our paychecks. We pay 47% of our incomes to "taxes" right now in this country and need a license for darn near anything we want to do outside of working.   anyhow, I'm extremely unhappy with what is going on in Canada right now as a whole and legalization is pretty much at the bottom of the heap of my concerns right now.
    • TheMan13
      I'm making my first trip across the boarder in over a decade and it will be just nine days shy of legalization 😞  Read something about they'll have to buy rec weed online until next year somehow ...

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