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  • Recent Posts

    • knucklehead bob
      High @ivan , welcome to the Lab . Sounds like you got a good friend down there in Chile 
    • ivan
      hi, greetings from Chile, a friend give me some seeds of bad dawg genetics, and i end in this website.
    • DoobieDuck
      Back to DoobieDuck genetics Midnight Biscuit, this girl did really well showing off her resins last summer her first grow out...
    • Aspen
      Thank you @Ilynnboy... I'm ok really... It just stings  a little sometimes.... We were really close...  I have a lot to do until my promices to Dan are all kept.... And I'm keeping everyone of them.... It really dosent matter if people share and send me nice stuff to run and share... Ill keep passing the love regardless....  I have to get busy popping seeds for Dan so I can share them too.... Those rare few people who are there for you 100% like he was for me.... You just have to do right by them regardless of the cost.... I'm on a mission to make him proud of me... And to be as good to others as Dan was to me.... I was considering not sending someone a cutting... Was talking to @Smokin Joe about it... Joe told me if I was gonna do what Dan wanted me to do I had better start thinking like Dan... And he ask me what would Dan do... I told him he would send the cut... So... That's it... Ill help anyone that needs it...  The Comunity has proped me back up.... Special thanks to @Ichabod Crane @Smokin Joe DoubleTripple OG and @imiubu for seeds and cuts.... Y'all have made it possible for me to keep those promices... So Much Love and respect to y'all... I love this Lifestyle and comunity Dan left me with... I just hope I can help another grower reach there Dreams the way he helped me.... Peace
    • Tynehead Tom
      I have an instagram account but beyond signing up for it and getting emails about peoples content i've clicked on ..... it confuses me LOL Like trying to follow a person and seeing pics they post but never anything more. other people seem to get more than just pics out of instagram so i must be doing something wrong or it's just not functioning properly with my devices? I can't use it from my old laptop and for some reason my blackberry won't let me do anything that makes sense with it either. I went and bought an android type tablet thinking that would work but again.... maybe I'm just one generation too old to grasp this shit hahaha Be nice to be able to securely (somewhat) share pics of my breeding and stuff on instagrm like so many people do..... but I just can't seem to figure it   
    • Flying Dutchman
      ya i think you need a phone to post pics on there ive tried doing it from my laptop and cant figure out how (i gave up really fast lol)
    • Tynehead Tom
      it's happening...... should arrive soon...... keep an eye out 
    • Tynehead Tom
      I've watched honey bees drinking the dew from the veins of the leaves while having my morning toke out in the greenhouse. get right up close and you can see them sucking the water up. I think I even have a decent pic of it somewhere. Cool stuff seeing critters doing thier things
    • xxPeacePipexx
      There's a sequence indeed and few understand, so they just use the full moon as a focal point not seeing the bigger picture and how it works through the wax and waning periods before and after that full moons pivoting point.   I too Kingfish find myself much less tired beginning with the approaching full moon and this lasts for a few days afterwards too. Last night I transplanted more than I intended and it was a great night to reset my flowering chamber once again with a new rotating line up. I have also noted that the birds here outside have begun singing again and this took place during dawns arriving moments while the moon shined overhead.   Its the little things like this that encourages us Anishinaabek to speak with creation within our natural language.
    • Mountain Wizard
      Not to beat this to death, but whenever I find a 🐞, the first thing I do is put a couple of little pools of water on the counter and set them beside it. Every single time they are glued to that pool for quite a while, suggesting they have had probs hydrating. I've actually seen a pool the size of a small pea disappear to the point it was totally dry by one little thirsty bug. Now of course they will have a raisin buffet next to the water as well!
    • Tynehead Tom
      i was taught that when sprouting, cloning or transplanting to avoid the primary days of the lunar phases and to plant around them instead..... if that makes sense.
    • Ilynnboy
      Sorry for your continued pain @Aspen. With Great Love and Admiration comes with Great Pain upon those special individuals leaving us.. May your work brighten your love for others and your remembrance of your mentor. ps,  looks like someone’s getting a whole mom setup... Nice work... I hope they share in turn
    • R. Burns
      Whats up, man! Thanks for the kind words. I hope to be expanding real soon. Will fix my keeper issues. Also, honestly, I wouldn't keep much. The Wolf Pack 3 here is a rare exception. After close to 2 decades I can only think of a few that I would have to have again. I'm more of a hit it and quit it type. My fav strain is usually the next one. Ha! That being said, I will be hoarding and coveting the Wolf Pack 3. Once I get a large setup, I will enjoy the rare keepers!
    • Kingfish
      Beautiful stuff as always my Brother @R. Burns!! Have you considered a limited site clone machine for those lovely ladies like your Wolfpack #3? I believe it would be worth your time and you could figure out space for those gems even taking plant limits into consideration. You’ve got the mad skills my man, no doubt. We all kick ourselves for not keeping or crossing certain plants along our journey, I think you may find it worthy of the efforts??
    • R. Burns
      I do small cabinet grows, so no room for keepers. But I would have def hung on to #3. Its amazing! All were great, but #3 really shines. Maybe the best I've done in 18 yrs!

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