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    • shaggyballs
    • imiubu
      Welp, it took me a bit to make a reply as I felt like a dear in the headlights at first reading 😮 I can talk with most anyone at anytime/ place but when the spotlight shines on me, I kinda freak lol.   I thoroughly enjoyed our visit @PlantLady and am so looking forward to our next one. Next time, I'm making the drive!  By then, those babies will be sexed, topped, up potted and ready for their permanent home woo woo.   I am very humbled that someone... anyone, would make a 6 hr round trip just to meet lil ol' me. I am so glad that you did. In these days of internet connectivity, meeting folks IRL is still essential (imho) to create and strengthen personal bonds which results in strengthening our community.   If the opportunity arises... get out and meet folks IRL!
    • Tynehead Tom
      I have read that some states in the US are trying to pass laws that require 3 years of a persons social media account information be handed over to police as a prerequisite to firearms ownership?? My friends, at this time north america is under attack by the left and the globalist agenda. If you are not preparing in some way for what is coming for canada and the usa...... I fear for you. Pay down your debts, stock up on non perishable food (3 year supply) , stock up on katedyne water treatment stuff and make sure you have the go pack ready.   Balkanizing North America is exactly what is being done right now. My wife and many of my friends are from various countries that were part of the former Yugoslavia. They did not see the trouble coming other than to watch racial tensions rise between russian orthodox christians and catholics vs Muslims. The same tactics used by the UN to destabilize the Yugoslavian region and also the break up of the USSR are being applied to Canada and the USA via hard line left wing, dare I say communist, influence. Only a fool will allow themselves to be disarmed going forward. I'm not an alarmist, nor a conspiracy theorist, but I have my eyes wide open and am seeing this left wing agenda for what it is. Civillian disarmament as they usher in thier new world order/anti christ/one world govt.  
    • shaggyballs
    • imiubu
      Congrats to Sparks22.   Looks like @Comacus and I are battling for last place this year haha   It's okay though... I'm a turtle not a hare 😉
    • Kingfish
      I like the trippy logo, certainly draws ones attention. Free visuals with every glance..
    • shaggyballs
    • knucklehead bob
      Just FYI , @Smokin Joe is known to walk around with a mouse in his pocket   😎
    • Smokin Joe
      well don't expect the rest of us to be as nice as imi. you'll be sadly disappointed. we are a bunch of degenerates after all
    • Smokin Joe
      @shaggyballs Can ya work the outter ones down and out just a bit? kinda fucks with my eyes
    • PlantLady
      Was fully prepared to stomp them, but they all hid while I was there. All through school I was the designated bully stomper - 3 of my great-aunts were teachers and would give me the word when needed. 
    • Tynehead Tom
      no Mikado for now, got some other stuff I'm working on for later in the year. Right now I'm crushing hard on the Super Collider Kush plants I have going and they are turning out much better than I anticipated for structure/vigor/smell/clonability. Carbon filters will be required for these.
    • gorilla ganja
      Ya please keep me in the loop when your ready with your Shiskaberry work. I need me some of that. Are you popping the Mikado soon as well ?
    • Tynehead Tom
      Wildfire Hashplant is an F2 of Swordfish(Black Tuna x Shiskaberry 3 f2)..... so both parents are Swordfish and parents were chosen by doing side by side comparisons to the Black Tuna clone only. Two more steps were made after I made wildfire hashplant by doing an F2 of wildfire again selecting with side by side comparisons to black tuna..... and the last step was the same selection method for males of wildfire hashplant f2 and the BX to Black Tuna was made. So I completed the task I was given to create a Black Tuna BX seed line. I'll know this summer how it went when they start growing them out. The whole project was done for some friends and I won't be releasing those last 2 steps. I've been working my version of Shiskaberry for the past 3 years and the recombines are done and right now I'm prepping to pop some old stock originals. There will be a release when it's ready 😉
    • knucklehead bob
      Sault Ste. Marie – Lake Superior State University in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has agreed to spend $1 million on chemistry equipment, partly to stock the school’s new cannabis chemistry program. The equipment will be housed in the Center for Cannabis Science, although students in other chemistry fields will use it, too. Vice President Morrie Walworth says Agilent Technologies came up with a “phenomenal proposal” for the school. The Evening News in Sault Ste. Marie says Lake Superior State’s governing board is in favor of seeking a loan for the purchases. Walworth says an anticipated increase in enrollment should turn the equipment into a good investment. Michigan allows marijuana for medicinal and recreational use.   https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2019/03/24/lake-superior-state-university-canabis-chemistry-program-equipment-purchase/39250341/?fbclid=IwAR3xNV_HeuVGy6-Oj9Z17I__Z5Dk5lPTG6CgINxckv-vlKki_XOkIAILFNY
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