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Very interested to start testing any and everything.


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Will journal any test grows and post daily updates. Finally have my own property and ready to get my breeding grounds buildt up again. Need seeds and genes for the library ..


Living in Butte county, by oroville lake.. beautiful mess, fires took everything and time to rebuild.. the plants and flowers are already doing 110%


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appreciate the enthusiasm 



Been here since day2 or 3.

Cool place with great members.

Kinda a quiet chill site.

Maybe someone needs testers?

Or u just looking for some freebies?

Seeds are pretty easy to come by usually.

Just don't ask for them in open forum.

It is common courtesy to private message someone who you've had conversations with about a plant or cross.


Welcome to the lab

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I'm not trying to get a handout. Just want to broaden my horizons. And I think documenting a grow logbfor someone els s breeding project will help me dial in my own methods. I'm willing to trade as well...


Spent 278 and then 142 at jbc weeds,got everything local I could find on etsy and fbook market.. just so sick of seeing the same 30 strains pollenxhucked at each other. I wanna get my hands on more rare and odd genetics. Not to mention. A few landraces for the personal seed bank...



Basically just excited to bring something else to the table here  all this dessert is spoiling erryones appetit, lol!






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On 5/4/2021 at 8:00 AM, Ilynnboy said:

no worries either way around.

Hell everyone needs a hand now and then.


Yessir and I am definitely in that boat. The Camp Fire last year destroyed our property and it was our first season here. This will be our first completed grow here and my first since 2010, very excited. Finally got my phone back and able to post here again so I'm gonna start my grow diary back up. Had a killer one back in the day on rollitup..  I posted the link in my new thread! 🙂

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I'd also recommend testing for Jaws if he still needs anyone, it will be worthwhile if you like good dope that's not the same old same old. Message him on here to speak with him directly.

I don't think he is doing any Trainwreck work currently, maybe he back burner'd it but what he is testing with now is super dank.

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5 hours ago, Ilynnboy said:

I tagged you in Jaws thread, he was looking for testers for Trainwreck crosses

I can't find the tag anywhere

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