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Stardawg x Apollo 13 F4


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  • 2 months later...

I have some finishing that are as beautiful as weed can be and if I was able to add new pics to this site I would share them.

what is the deal now? I can only add pics I previously had uploaded.

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here are some pics of the ones i grew! It has unbelievable power and flavor and is as good as any cannabis you will ever try in your life! How is that for some info?

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Hey Jeff, @dragboatjeffy how have your grows been with this cross?

thats a huge praise from @fabvariousk for this.

As good as the best weed you have ever tried?

I love some Apollo but “ the best weed you will try in your life” ??

The Stardawg add that much to the pairing?

Got a grip  of them your handing out?

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This is definitely the best of all Bad Dawg stuff I have grown so far and that is saying something. I like the Stardawg X 3 headedragon alot but the pairing of the apollo13 dad matches perfectly with the Chemdawg. Two incredible modern sativas that only  make each one better. This is a modern sativa on par with Antenna stuff! I say my seeds have that “smell of getting high”because they are so overwhelming in how they smell. This one has that in spades! My picky oldtimer friends were floored by this one and want to grow it next summer. If I were jeff that apollo13 boy is all I would be using for future crosses. I love the three headed dragon , LBL, and LBF boys but the Apollo13 is the goods!

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  • 3 months later...

Has anyone else seen a plant out of this cross with an extra leaf (or even set of leaves) growing out of the rachises of fan leaves?



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Here's a photo of the plant in question... at just below center there's a fairly large single bladed example (also, the main leaf that extra leaf is popping out of has the weird fused two bladed center leaf), and then lower left you can see one of the three bladed additional leaves.

IMG_8829 - Copy.JPG

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Looks unique.

should be nothing to worry about.

Plants usually out grow or are not hampered by those leaf mutations.

Good luck and good growing

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Guest Morbidly_OG

This looks amazing. Makes me impatient for my Apollo x GSC testers that in a purely hypothetical universe are vegging away.

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