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Sar Hawza F2 (Afghan Landrace)


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Got 13 of these seeds today,




looking forward to seeing what comes from them gems.


A big thank you to @Doc_Gage for making these available and his work with Odon’s Outcasts a great service to our men and women in and out of the armed forces.


Feel free to pull up a chair, got cold ones in the fridge, whisky on top of it.:beer:


I'm going straight into a mix of ocean forest and light warrior with these.

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hell ya, nice to see some of those poppin.

I think some of those might end up in my mitts too if the cannabis gods are smiling..... 😄

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11 minutes ago, knucklehead bob said:

Scuff 'em ?          Soak 'em ?            Right into the light warrior ? 


Yup right into the mix. I did soak the filled pots before planting the seeds, but nothing more.


And it is a mix of light warrior and ocean forest at a 2:1 ratio. It gives the LW more body with added micros and stuff.

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Afgan Landrace?, nice! 51914365_clearweed5asm.jpg.5cb277177f52bcd3262c474d85d366ef.jpg

This should be real interesting.

Maybe we will see the new deep chuck come out of this thread, that would be coool!

Gonna stick around for this one for sure.:popcorneating:

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7 hours ago, Kind024 said:


I dig it! Sow em' and watch em' grow!

Image result for sowing seeds


 Yep, keeping it simple, letting nature do her thing. I’m here just to assist when needed.


Thanks for stopping in everyone

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9 hours ago, Tynehead Tom said:

hell ya, nice to see some of those poppin.

I think some of those might end up in my mitts too if the cannabis gods are smiling..... 😄

Hope you get them @Tynehead Tom.

i had a mid 80’s afghan when I lived in Tennessee.

Mostly a 3 leaf variety.

no more than 5 blades.

Sadly I nuked her with Tobacco fertilizer ( 19-19-19$ and she died.

Sure looked cool .

Good luck with the grow @zoot.

I am very interested with this one project...

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I found a set of Sar Hawza F2 twins in my bottle and dropped them into some Happy Frog.  I had conducted a successful germination test on these seeds without issue prior to packaging.





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1 minute ago, zoot said:

@TheMan13 that's a beautiful plant, very happy


In all these years and beans I have dropped I have never run across twins.  Lots of questions like are they identical or fraternal twins; both male, both female or one male and one female?  If the latter is it a must breed F3 or a bad idea? 

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But this afghan landrace is IBL cause its grows and breeds inbetween many years on same place...  those F2 or F3 need to be transformed in IBL mark

cause landraces are definitly inbreed lines..

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Known under the name of variety “landrace” or “purebreds” that respond to those local varieties that have not undergone any genetic transformation, but that, however, give different results depending on the subsidiary to which they belong. Such seeds may belong to any of the three known varieties of marijuana so far.

The good thing is that landrace result, regardless of the variety to which they belong, some results do not vary much and therefore will be very similar, which means that there is little homogeneity, not only in height growth, but also in the organoleptic and psychoactive effects resulting thereof.


Stabilized hybrid Cannabis (IBL)

In the world of cultivation of marijuana, when you want to continue to maintain a type of seed of a particular variety, without it suffering any type of mutation, is made known as the technique of inbreed line. Thus, marijuana seeds subsidiary IBL are achieved. Therefore, we consider that a plant is IBL, when crossed with itself, so that there can be no place for future mutations. Thereof can be extracted F1 and F2 hybrids.

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Am was wrong,thanx for explanation @zoot...  aha so only hybrids can be IBL  


was tought since it growed in same place for years was IBL by defoult..

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I did struggle a bit with the F2 terminology I had used being in the context of a landrace.  I do not believe it would be correct to consider the found/imported Sar Hawza landrace seed stock an F1 (crossbreed), but rather used the term F2 to note the first generation of selective breeding conducted by Gage.  I hope that makes sense ... 

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