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Black Triangle


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Greetings, hope everyone is well lit.

I want to keep the germination process transparent. The date is 3/14/18.

A total of 24 seeds (12 per pack, thanks B'). One of the seeds never sank after 12 hours. It was planted anyway. 

The seeds were not scuffed. I would recommend scuffing the Black Triangle seeds. A little longer soak may help too.

Right now there are 16 healthy sprouts and a couple in limbo. The seeds had a hard time shedding their shells. A good scuff and a longer soak would have probably solved this issue. I understand this...It's all good. I was willing to take one for the team to see if it was necessary. Be grateful for the experience, it's all gift!

Here are some picks of the lot. A couple seedlings passed before I realized they may be having trouble with their shells. Both seeds came up and looked normal. The shells never opened, it may have been pinching the stem. I thought they were just weak so I wrote them off and didn't take pics. Probably just hard shells.
Sorry about the photo quality.



This one came stretching out and didn't open. It was assisted. Its open and greening up now. 




This one broke the surface of the soil like the rest and then stopped. I was checking it for life and the root looked healthy yet. I popped the shell off it. It's deciding what to do yet. Its really yellow. I backed the lights off a little so it can relax. I'm hopping it makes it! I believe it will.



This one never opened. I pushed the soil back and it looked like a large healthy seed. I pulled it out and cracked it between my teeth to open its shell. It was really hard! You can practice on sunflower seeds if your not confident doing this. It's a last ditch effort and I don't recommend it as regular practice. The seedling is moving, slow, but the radical came out. Go seedling go!



The ones that are up are happy and healthy.




So 16 out of 24 seeds hatched healthy babies with wiggling toes with a couple still on life support  I'm confident that if the seeds had been scuffed well and soaked a little longer the germination rate would have been higher. That's the risk I took.

Another update after everyone is well on the way.

Till next time, keep it lit! 


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This may be relevant too...idk how I missed this post? Smoke another!


The seeds were planted on 3/11/18.

They soaked for 12 hours in 1 cup of clean water with 1 drop of hydrogen peroxide added. After the soak they were planted directly into soil. A mycorrhizae fungus was dusted directly in the seed hole before introducing the seed.

The temperature stays around 82F-84F. The humidity stays around 50% outside the dome. It stays around 75%-80% under the dome (more if I don't open the vents).

They are lit by a 4' x 8, T5 florescent fixture with 6500k lamps. Only 4 lamps are lit at the moment. The light cycle is 19/5.

There is a clear poly bag over the other 6 pots. This helps retain moisture at the soil surface. It will have to be removed after they sprout...need another dome.





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Greetings to everyone. Today makes 9 days from soak.

Not much going on with the Black Triangle yet, but a couple changes to note.

On 3/19/18, 2 of the 6500k t5 fluorescent bulbs were exchanged with the 460 powerveg bulbs from hortilux. It seems like the leaves developed more rigidity after the first day under the new spectrum. I thought maybe it was a little early for those, but the plants are diggin' em'! The other 4 lamps on the fluorescent fixture are turned on in the middle of the cycle for 2 -3 hours a day. The light cycle is still 19/5.

The dome is still being used to help keep the humidity up over 50% (it's off for the photo). The room humidity can drop below 50% sometimes too.The stacked empty pots at the corners help keep the dome up a little for better airflow, lower temps and it holds about 60%+ humidity instead of 80%+ with it fully on. Cork board pins work nice for that too. Didn't have any. With the dome up the plants can still catch the breeze from the fan too. They seem to have stopped the initial stretch and are settling in. 

Also a tea was water in yesterday.

  • 4 gallons clean water
  • 2 cups high quality (not from bag) ewc
  • 5 tsp of molasses
  • 1 tsp of pure maple syrup

It was bubbled for 50 hours at 73F-75F. Just a little of this tea was watered in the seedlings. Some got sprayed on the blooming plants and the rest went to the greenhouse for the starts.

On the other note. @herbert, I think nature is going to have it's way with that #V plant. It hasn't grown at all. It still looks green and alive, just no movement. All the others are pretty much off to the races. Unless it wakes up soon it will be left behind...

Here's a recent pic of the bunch. The pots behind with the hay are this years tobacco starts. The pot out front is the #V. Who may soon be making it's elegant departure.




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Greeting everyone, please help yourself and if you need assistance please ask.  shisha.gif 

Today is 16 days after the soak...3/27/18

There are a couple things worth mentioning besides the photos. Which may not be worth mentioning due to the quality. 

The powerveg 460 t5's seem to balance well with the 6500k t5's. The plants seemed a little sensitive to them after the dome was removed though. The dome scrubbed some of the spectrum and intensity. The fixture was raised to about 24 inches and slowly dropped down. It's holding at 16 inches now and everyone seems to be happy. 

Right now, without the dome the temperature stays around 75F - 77F. The humidity is a little unstable in the room at the moment and stays consistently low around 50% - 55%. It will climb a little after watering, than it drops again. It climbs a little after the lights go out too. Than drops when the come back on. Plants don't like sharp humidity shifts. It messes with the ratio of water/nutrient uptake. Plants close their stomata during dry conditions to conserve moisture. Plants take in CO2 essential for photosynthesis through their stomata. Less CO2 = less growth. Stomata can take 2-6 days to fully recover from dry weather stress. Most cannabis doesn't like humidity below 65% - 75% when they are young (although most cannabis can tolerate it). Seedlings need it higher still. I'm looking into humidifiers. 

Black Triangle family photo.

Till next time, keep it lifted!


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Greetings, I hope everyone is well.

The date is 4/3/18. It’s been 23 days from soak.

On 4/1/18 the light cycle was changed to 18/6. I noticed some negative tropism over the last couple hours of the veg cycle. I read that if UV light is used the plants won’t need as many hours of light.?. Where is the threshold of too little and too much? I've seen plants start to flower on a 15/9 light cycle. Maybe I can get away with a 17/7 light cycle? 19 straight hours under those lamps is too long.

The 2, 460 powerveg bulbs were exchanged for 420 powerveg bulbs on 4/1/18 as well. The 420’s have more of the UV spectrum. The leaves showed a richer green after one night under the 420’s. They can keep plant really short too...if the secondary growth doesn’t stretch enough I’ll switch back. I’m playing around with the spectrum a little.

From my observations...I don’t think that the plants need those UV lamps on the full cycle. I’m sure there are a bunch of factors relative. I would like to be able to put them on a separate light cycle. I plan to add some UV t5’s to the bloom room as soon as funds are available. Those will be wired on a separate circuit/timer for independent control. They will only run a couple hours a day...during high noon. I think we will see changes in light fixture configuration over the next few years if these UV’s t5’s take off...if the t5’s aren't obsolete by then. Independent timer programming for every lamp...never know? If I were an inventor I would get on that. If I sound ignorant about this subject it's because that's the way I feel. Doing more research soon...

The plants were transplanted from the 3” square pots into 1 quart square pots. They will go into 2 gallon bags after this. The last soil was blended with a new mix, modifying the final mix.

A half cup of tea was watered into each pot after transplant.

The tea recipe...

  • 4 gallons of clean water
  • 2 cups of quality ewc
  • 1 tablespoon of molasses
  • 1 tablespoon of pure agave nectar
  • 2 tablespoons of insect frass

This was bubble for 36 hours at 73F-75F. The tea was made for the greenhouse. I grabbed a few cups since it was here. 

Some pics...

Black Triangle family photos, 23 days after the soak. These were taken a couple hours before the transplant.


Sorry for the illusion...different camera focus...rookies.


The roots were well developed but not bound. Some mycorrhizal fungi was dusted directly on every root ball before transplanting.



The day after...earlier today. 24 days after the soak.




See you soon...




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Greetings to everyone in the lab. I hope your bowl is full and your torch is bright.

The Black Triangle are truckin’ along…

On 4/8/18, 28 days from the soak, everyone got sprayed with an aloe vera solution. About ⅛+ cups of fresh aloe leaf and 3 cups clean water were blended (using a kitchen blender) together till a nice foam head formed. It was strained through a fine colander and applied with a pump sprayer.

Black Triangle family photo. 4/10/18, 30 days from the soak.


..lots of leaves yet...I try not to monkey with the plants much till they have reached sexual maturity. My logic is that they might stress and produce more males, more potential hermaphrodites and or take longer to mature. I understand the idea that stress may activate a safety mechanism in the plant triggering it to self pollinate. Although I can't seem to find any scientific studies that have been done to prove or disprove this theory. I would be grateful to anyone who can shed some scientific light on this subject or point me in the direction of an article that does...  

I’m trying to keep track of the dates they show gender and have been looking for signs over the last 2 days. So far I believe #L is a lady. What looks to be a tiny hair emerged from what appears to be a calyx at some point today. There are signs of gender on some of the other plants as well...basically I can see the sites where the reproductive organs are starting to appear. They are super tiny at the moment and not fully formed so estimated guesses are made based on shape till i’m 100%. Daily inspections will be done till they have all shown gender.

The plants are starting to compete for space and will need more soon/now. A 1k MH lamp in a parabolic will be deployed and the fluorescent fixture will be moved to the corner the soil barrel currently occupies. The soil barrel will stay in the dining room till the porch holds a comfortable temperature...soil is cared for like one of my pets.  The room will be reconfigured over the next week. 

The plan is to grow these to sexual maturity, large enough to take a few copies from each (male and female) of them. Raise a set of copies to go outside for the open pollination (they don’t need to be trees, they’re only making beans...) and a set of the ladies for the flower room next cycle. The BT ladies will be staged to flower inside with the tester ladies when they are ready...it might be a minute...they haven’t been released yet. That’s okay, the golden tiger may run another 10 weeks...



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Looking good in here kind.

Now you can sprawl out and relax...

fire one up and bullshit to the masses or just talk Black triangle..

Choice is yours seeing how it’s your thread.

Thanks for starting it up.

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and I are here so let the popcorn fly and comedy relief begin.


@Ilynnboy is here too but he is trippin' :D

I am interested in the Black Triangle so this is gonna be a good show for me to watch.


Nice job so far with the grow, well documented and proper.

Good job on adding the Myco directly on to the roots before transplant, my research show that myco must reach its host quickly or it will just die.

Dusting the rootball at transplant is the best option, stay low on "P" to keep them happy.

Keep it green brother Kind.

:5899aa396ca33_weedteddy:   Shag

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Thanks for stopping guys, ladies...

@Packerfan79, welcome.

@milo, welcome.


Thanks @Ilynnboy, It is kinda nice in here huh...spacious. A little bare yet. I was thinking of a wet bar over in the corner and a hookah lounge opposite, with a fresh stock of imported hashish. ...maybe a stage for a weekly reggae band and maybe some stand-up. Still working out the details with the design team. Lets start it off, cheers...it's on you...if she ever stops Bogarting that thing :joint:!!!


Thanks @3rdCoaster, it is a bit more roomy in here. The plants got a chance to spread arms and their feet on the 13th and they seem pleased.


Right on @shaggyballs, did I here comic relief.?.:popcorn:i'm down. The stage is all yours!


Thanks again everone, glad to have you...I'm glad to be here too.

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The man @Kind024 has a plan.

Lets do it right, lets do it all.:rasta.nana:

Fire up the hooka and the reggae bandand lets get this party started.

But lets not move too fast:

Like the young bull said to the old bull on a hill.

"Hey look there is some cows down there, lets run down an F@#k one of them"

The old bull replied:

"What do you say we walk down and F@#k them all!"

You wanted comedy relief, now you need a relief from the comedy.:D

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Yeah, thanks. (arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi,  AMF) is fascinating! I'm always learning more about it...and still know diddly. I like idea of direct application because AMF spores won't germinate without the presence of a host. It still takes several weeks for AMF to colonize a root system of an uninfected plant with direct application. There seems to be a lot of factors relevant to the rate of AMF colonization.

AMF spores can stay dormant in healthy soil from weeks to 12+ months depending on species and moisture content. Dry soil conditions greatly reduce the storage life of AMF. However, AMF is not aquatic so using it in teas is a waste imo. Better when directly applied to the root system of transplants...imo.

(P) levels in soil can influence the relationship of AMF and host plants. Too much available (P), (25ppm) in soil will inhibit the germination and colonization of AMF. Over 30ppm of can cause the relationship to become parasitic. edited: Parasitic makes reference to (negative mycorrhizal dependencies, MD). My ignorance...

Another note on this: Some argue that that 25ppm of (P) is not enough for good bud development in cannabis. If 30ppm can turn the relationship parasitic, is the relationship between AMF and cannabis still good? The relationship of AMF is specialized with specific plant species and studies have not been done on cannabis. Hemp, but not cannabis. Even though they are related, it doesn't mean they relate the same to AMF. Some thought food...

Also, some studies show that the formation of ectomycorrhiza can inhibit the germination and colonization of endomycorrhiza. We want endomycorrhizal fungi for cannabis. I try to source inoculates containing only endomycorrhizal species. 

All things considered, I use and have used endomycorrhiza inoculates with great results and don't think i'll be changing any time soon.



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My research seems to agree with yours, very well infact.

Looks like you know your shit when it comes to Myco's.

Endomyco is the only one that will become symbiotic with cannabis.

You can take that to the bank (Tony Barretta)

I have not seen the research that states Over 30ppm of can cause the relationship to become parasitic.

Could you post a link if you have one?


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This came up in a stoner conversation with a garlic producer the other day. We got the info from here: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1023/A:1010636614005  ...considering this is about trees, idk what relevance this has to cannabis, but it's relevant to better understand AMF. 

I don't have access...cause I won't pay. My buddy will splurge for access to these things. I think he can send me a copy via email. I'll ask. He has some good stuff about garlic and AMF too.

"Parasitic" may be the wrong word, "negative mycorrhizal dependencies"  is the proper nomenclature.

I apologize, I'm an uneducated stoner still trying to put it together.

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Gotcha covered bro!   .here is the  file.    mycos.pdf

I think I got snagged on that word parasitic.

I drop a bunch of links to some very ggod papers you may like here 


No need to apologize, thats from one uneducated stoner trying to figure things out to another.:shake_hands:

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Right on @shaggyballs! That's the one. Thank you!

Yeah bro I've been reading some of your write ups. You're definitely putting it together, thanks for sharing.

...and who said weed kills brain cells... 

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Greetings, hope everyone is enjoying themselves. If you haven’t been to the hookah lounge yet please help yourself. Fresh hand rubbed charas just in from India, very warm and centered!

The reggae band is off this week. Rush was in the neighborhood and happy to fill in some stage time. On such short notice too...thanks guys!


4/13/18, 33 days from soak. The Black Triangle were transplanted into the 2 gallon bags. Endomycorrhizal fungi was dusted on the root ball before going into the new pots.

Everyone was getting pretty cramped on those little tables. They were removed and everyone went to the floor. The floor isn’t insulated and the basement gets cold. There was some 1.5” insulfaom board leftover from the build that was put on the floor. Some old rubber floor mats left over from the last grow went down on top of the that. They work well to get airflow under the pots and I can put my weight on them without smashing the foam.

Some more plants have matured since the last post. I think we’re looking at 10+ ladies. Notes have been taken along the way. Since an individual picture of every plant and a little report is in order. The plan is to wait till everyone is ready to make copies. Then take individual photos and post the notes with those.

The plants are still under the T5 fixture. They need more light energy...the 1k will be deployed soon.

Day 33, 10 days in the quart size pots…these things are growing like weeds~




4/15/18, 35 days old. Black Triangle family photo. 



These 3 are the slowest to veg, have the least amount of lateral branching, the least amount of root development and are the most sensitive (#F, #K and #Q). They always look tittywampus no mater what I do?. Whether I move them under the light, outside of the light, w/or w/out the UV lamps on. Sometimes the leaves will flip over or the petioles will bend themselves into a "U" shape. It doesn't matter what direction the light or the wind is coming from. The direction of the negative tropism is totally random...as far as I can tell. Anyone have any ideas?

Would you cull these before the open pollination? Idk, they all seem to share similar traits...3 out of 18...16.67%...that's a fair expression ratio. I wonder who that comes from? I know the 88g13/hp is slow to veg, but I never heard anything about him stressing so easy. Actually, I thought he can pass resistances? There are a couple other smaller ones, but they have better lateral branching, root development and don't stress out...



#A, male...I think. It's still hard to tell.



#U, one of the beans that almost didn't make it...not showing yet.



Here are the newest members to the farm...these are the Cornish Cross chicks. The standard feeder chicken. The kind you will find in the grocery store. This is one of 2 brooders, about 75 chicks in each. The last few years we've done 800+ chickens along with 100+ turkey. There isn't much return when raising them like we do. So we are only raising them for a couple accounts, for us and for trading. We also breed Ameraucana and Delaware chickens, they are considered heritage lines. We have an electric brooder in the basement with 100 heritage eggs. Some for feeders and some will be selected for the next generation of breeders and egg layers.



The piglets just got here a few days ago. They are about 9 weeks old and have just been weaned from mom. Their mom and grandma were on site, grandma was 900lbs! The fence is consuming most of my time...it's almost done now. These will turn waste into food...if you like bacon?


Hog Pile!


I've been getting a 200 gallon fabric pot set up for vermicompost too. Make specialty wormcastings or make a big mess...idk this is my first try. Maybe a Vermicompost thread is in order?


Till next time, have a good one, peace.

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Greetings everyone, hope your having a good one. 4/20 evening brought some good times. Clinton Fearon stopped in to sample some hash and he was so kind to play a little set.


The day of 4/20 was spent filling a 200 gallon worm bin/pot. It started with a visit to my buddys alpaca ranch to shovel 180 gallons of manure w/bedding...it’s free if you shovel it form the stall yourself. That was put in an old apple bin and loaded into the van with a tractor. Then unloaded with shovel and bucket, carried to the porch//brooder/vermicompost/mudroom, it has many functions. Soil amendments/worm food was layered in as it was filled. I can’t remember having so much fun playing with shit…



On 4/18/18 a 1k MH, mounted horizontally in a parabolic was deployed. The plants responded well. Individual photos will be captured over the next couple days. Meanwhile, this is a pic of the room after a couple days under the new lamp.These photos were captured on 4/21/18,  41 days from the soak.



#U and #K, The 2 slowest and most sensitive plants of the bunch. They don’t seem to like or need much light. They have settled down a little since being moved way outside of the parabolic. The humidity level dropped to around 50% and the temp went to about 85F after the 1k was deployed. Now they are upset with the humidity level and/or moisture level of the soil. They use water slowly an I gave them a bit too much.



This is #L (center photo). She was the first to show gender (at 30 days), fastest grower and is the biggest plant. The smaller one to the right is #F. She (i think) has calmed down a bit and looks to be enjoying herself under the new lamp. 


Once individual photos have been captured and everyone has been sexed I'll start removing the top most fan leaves to help reduce stretch and promote lateral growth. Maybe a little stem pressing too. 




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