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MMJ Grow Home Envasion Leaves 2 Dead

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SANDUSKY, MI -- Prosecutors say four Flint men had conspired to rob and kill when they broke into a rural Sanilac County home  but were thwarted when two of the alleged intruders were shot dead.

The surviving pair, 30-year-old Preston Xavier Jack and 48-year-old Stephen Vance Shimmel, were arraigned Tuesday afternoon in Sanilac County District Court on a combined 22 felonies ranging from armed robbery and home invasion to assault with intent to commit murder.

According to the felony complaint, Jack, Shimmel, 20-year-old Quantize Bruce and 26-year-old Keith Saunders attempted to rob a residence at 4375 Holbrook Road in Greenleaf Township of money and marijuana on Sunday, Nov. 19.

Sanilac County Sheriff Garry Biniecki said the residence housed a medical marijuana grow operation.

A shootout between the occupants and intruders ensued after the 5 a.m. break-in.

One of the occupants was shot in the leg by intruders and the other occupant returned fire, hitting at least two of the intruders, Sanilac County Sheriff Garry Biniecki previously said.

While his cohorts fled, one of the invaders died at the scene.

Deputies found a vehicle less than a mile away with another suspect dead inside from an apparent gunshot wound. The vehicle had been reported stolen in Flint in October.

Authorities have not identified where Bruce and Saunders each died. 

According to the felony complaint, the group of four had conspired to not only rob one of the occupants of marijuana and money but also attempt to murder him.

Jack and Shimmel were allegedly armed with handguns, according to the felony complaint.

Jack and Shimmel are charged with two counts assault with intent to murder, conspiracy to commit attempted murder, armed robbery causing serious injury, two counts of assault with intent to rob while armed, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, first-degree home invasion, receiving and concealing a stolen motor vehicle and two counts felony firearm.

Several of those felony charges carry up to life in prison if convicted. 

Jack and Shimmel were denied bond and remain lodged in the Sanilac County Jail.

Biniecki said his office is continuing to investigate the case and the deaths of Bruce and Saunders.





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At least it was a legal area... money isn't worth dying about, too bad people value it more than themselves.

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Tynehead Tom

home invaders deserve to die.

happened to me and not something I will ever repeat without pullin the trigger on the spot. And next time, it won't take 3 years to make sure they are all in the fuckin ground.......

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Our homes and family are sacred grounds, I am glad the occupants were armed. In my state the two survivors would be charged with murder of the dead skells.

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I am suprised to hear that no charges were filed against the occupants for possession of a firearm.

All other types of medication allow for legal firearm possession while taking morphine ect. but cannabis is so bad users just can't be trusted to own a gun.WTF!

Don't get me wrong it is a good thing that they were not charged, but that law is just a joke.

You must give up your right to protect yourself if you use cannabis, but strong narcotic users have no worries.?? WTF!

Good thing they did not follow the letter of the law here.

That law needs to be rolled up and burned..NOW!

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