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Ozone generators


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Does anyone have experience using  UV ozone generators not for odor control, but to sterilize rooms inbetween cycles and kill mold/mildew spores during grow/flower cycles? 

 I bought a uvoniar 8" in-duct ozone generator for the purposes mentioned above in sealed room enviorments. Specifically a "uvoniairUV #UV-80H". My question is if anyone has an idea of how long i should be running it per day or week or how often and how long for general preventative maintaince control of mold/mildew/pathogen spores and bacteria? I think sterilizing between crops would be rather simple, since i wouldnt need to worry about damaging the plants or neutralizing those delicious plant odors. How many mg/per hour to sterilize X amount of space basically is what im looking for. Appreciate any advice, experience, or onowledge anyone has to offer here.

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I'd run it 24/7 depending on room size... the uv light don't release O3 the same as corona discharge ozonators, so don't think it will build up the same in room, just sterilize spores or pathogens in air as the pass by the uv light... similar to pond cleaners and water sterilizes ... don't think it would work as well for between cuts unless you just put uv light in a room and turned on not in ducting... but it would be semi dangerous ( burn eyes skin etc if exposed)


might be off base but that is my basic understanding.



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I've never done this with growing but I've sterlized rooms and equipment at work with them, I could probably get you the calculations off my computer when I go back to work but if you have a good sized unit I would just leave it in the room for 24 hours , make sure you ventilate the room good before entry or you will damage your lungs

as far as running it during cycles, I wouldn't do it, even small amounts of ozone can be dangerous to any living cell

when I used them comerically for smell we always kept them as far away from the grow as possible and made sure you had 20 feet of mixing downstream of the generator so the ozone had time to work properly

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Are those the carona discharge or ultra violet fluorescents @Ogtg2213


The carona discharge have a metal filament woven around glass tube in a big duct, it's what they use to get dead body ,pet, or chemical smells out of houses and cars. They work super well for between cuts for some serious kill death o3!


i really do think the fluorescent ones are safe as long as no direct exposure.... they r used in fish tanks and water sterelizers indoors if I remember correctly ... pretty sure they make ones or you can build them with black pvc tube n a fan and they safely scrub air in grow room n kill anything that gets blown through but not the whole room and any tissue exposed,lol.. I remember smelling the o3 on the big discharge ones when the fans were not hooked up right and unit ran back into room... not bad but yeah was def issue to watch for when those where common!

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Hmm,  very interesting. Im reading conflicting information from all over the web, from both proffesionals and hobbyists alike. Most people seem to use the type i have like is stated for just smell and it is exhausted outside of the room. One report from someone attempting to use it in the way i want to said he negated all the smell of his flowers even after processed but didnt give much more information Man..well @Ogtg2213 those formulas would be useful anyway, would certainly appreciate them.

 The room im attempting this is in a rather smaller room for this unit at i think at 24'x11x8.5, but it does have a high and low(one bulb vs two bulb).

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4 hours ago, flint_town_brown said:

I use an ozone generator in my room with no negative effects.  


I dont have any answers to your questions, however.

What kind do you use and is it a sealed room?size?

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Old thread but ill throw a little here.. i run ozone with my room all time with plants in flower room on when ever my rooms exhaust is running from intake line . It hasnt hurt any plants with many many runs ... so key is ventilation.. 

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I use a 1 gram per hour ozone generator running 24/7 for the last few years, just had to change the plate.

This is a bigger unit to give you an idea of what I am talking about.


Room size is 2 5x5's vented 15 min to 30 min every hour.

Air movement is key, only smelling it slightly near the source is a good safety meter to use.

Like @Coastal said if your doing large rooms the ozone should be hooked to an emergency shutoff if the air movers quit or levels will raise fast and things can get dangerous.

Just how dangerous is subjective.

Don't try this at home kids.😎

My buddy had his mobile home catch fire and we ran a big unit in the burnt house and it took the smell away pretty well suprisingly.

Anyway not researching stuff when you are young, we walked right in and shut it off but stayed in a very high level for a long time.

I could smell it even with the unit off and it was strong enough to make me at least open the windows in the winter time in Michigan.

Not good I know, but it never made me feel sick and it was not hard to breath, I do know too much Oxygen in your blood can make you pass out and is not a good thing either.

Thats the thing with ozone if you have something for it to oxidise it will not concentrate, but if there is no smell to oxidise it will concentrate rapidly.

It is a little more comlicated but ozone has an extra oxygen molecule and oxygen is what does the oxidising.

And when it oxidises it become oxygen and harmless.

I hope that made sense.:stoned-smiley:

Any question feel free to ask.

:5899aa396ca33_weedteddy:   shag

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I'll chime in on this one too.

I've witnessed entire rooms killed so fast it would blow your mind..... from running ozone inside the grow room.

Now, if you "are" doing that and not killing your plants then intake/exhaust speed is saving your plants. If one of those fails with your ozone on..... I've seen what happens and it ain't good. Perhaps some generators offer a low volume .... it's been years since I built one.

My set up for flowering males and doing single plant pollinations has sealed exhaust with HEPA filtered intakes,  a 20 foot run of 6" galvanized C vent with the ozone generator inside that C-vent, pollen filter at the exhaust end and then it runs out from there. So I'm using it more to kill anything in the exhaust from smells to pollens.

I used ozone for odor control many many years ago but with the invention of the grow room carbon filter (also the DIY carbon filters) , Ozone is now used for other purposes instead of odor control.


I used to have a buddy who bought cars at auctions and often would get a car someone or something died in. Ozone was the "only" way to clean the lingering odor of death from those vehicles. Same thing years later, my uncle owned a fire/flood restoration business and had to reno an appartment a body was found in that had been there for some time. Again, Ozone was the only method to return the space to a "pre corpse smelling" state.

Kinda gross but the stuff works.

To sanitize my grow rooms, I mix a spray of H202 and wash down the walls and floors, spray raid house and garden in every crack and cranny 

final room wash down is with Tilex mold and mildew and the new plants go in.

I see no reason to sanitize with ozone unless you have issues going on other than smell. Stuff is dangerous to your lungs, sinus membrane and eye balls so I just don't mess around with it except in the pollen chamber exhaust.

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Well bud i see lots of reasons with the humidity and heat we been haveing.. and used for cleaner smelling exshust as carbon filters dont work in summers humidity very well . Of course you need to exshaust air and have them on a timmer.. but i have 2 running and i can tell you my room is far from dead my man lol

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3 hours ago, Kak1963 said:

Well bud i see lots of reasons with the humidity and heat we been haveing.. and used for cleaner smelling exshust as carbon filters dont work in summers humidity very well . Of course you need to exshaust air and have them on a timmer.. but i have 2 running and i can tell you my room is far from dead my man lol


cool man.... not gonna get into a debate about it.

if it's working for you that's all that matters.

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