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Chemdog/Fire Alien Kush/Blueberry Headband/ 3 Kings Fem.

@TnTLabs Do I have the name of this cross correct?

I just started this grow but I will update it with pics soon.


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Guest TnTLabs

hey shaggy,

nice to have you on board...

the genetic make up would be

(Chemdog D x Fire Alien Kush) X ((Blueberry Headband x 3 Kings - reversed)

we have been getting very good feedback for this cross...

looking forward to the grow..


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Ha Ha, an update faster than I thought.

Put some water on theses seeds yesterday and bam 7 outta 8 sprouted already.

@TnTLabs Thank you very much for the clarification on exactly what genetics are being grown here.

Good feedback already, I am excited to see these babies grow big and strong, Hope to find something new and interesting to please the palate.

From what I have been reading I am in for a treat.

See ya'll when the little ones get a bit bigger.

:5899aa396ca33_weedteddy:Peace Shag



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Wow, nice looking little plant! Great yield for a small girl too.

Very nice color on them girls and only  55 days.

Come on little girls grow, grow, grow.

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I think I caught some kind of VD.

May be worse it may be broad mites.

Killed several plants, several clones and most of the seedings I just sprouted.

I will try to post a pic of the damaged plants when I can.

I think this is what killed off my gorilla bubble and Darlins net plants also.

I am still not positive what I contracted but thats what I get for sleepin around.

Oh well, onward and upwards.

Peace to all


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Guest TnTLabs

me too bro...

cause it be interesting to see if its the same symptoms i keep seeing here.. might be a virus tmv... even though many say cannabis cant be infected with it...

you got a bunch of seeds though right?!


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I think this has been going on for a while.:( Whatever it is it almost wiped me out when I was away. I lost most of my Gorrila bubble and Darlins net before even sprouting the CFAK cross.

To be clear, This situation is not from your seeds! Yes, I do have more they are currently getting wet as we speak. Thank you for asking.

Time to post the pics I guess.



This one survived but the treatment may have been worse than the cure. It is the same age as the rest.


Back left the shoots are growing faster than the top.

Back center top fried/eaten, still going.

Back right tall healthy lookin.

Front left runt.

Front right lived for a bit then died, probably killed by the treatment.



Back center top eaten.


This a different plant that barely made it, I may kill it anyway.

Shown here for reference, the plant was not lollipoped the growth was dead and progressing fast.

I first thought it was a fungal infection, but now I believe it is broadmites.

I came to this conclusion by trial and error.

DIY scorpion juice made the symptoms decrease and fungicide did not work.

I spray something every other day now and will for several months to come, This shit is nasty whatever it is.

No, not on flowering plants. Thats why I have no flowing plants currently. You better spray everything and everywhere.

I have heard stories of people having to move because they could not get rid of them, but I am confident I crush these bastards....Ugggg!

So word on the street is shag has got VD so young ladies beware....Laugh with me/at me....just laugh dam it!

:5899aa396ca33_weedteddy: Peace Shag

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camera sucks, sorry!

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Did you charge the coco in those cups? Looks a lot like high ph locking out feed to me... fwiw and sorry if that's addressed .., just my observation..

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14 minutes ago, Coastal said:

Did you charge the coco in those cups? Looks a lot like high ph locking out feed to me... fwiw and sorry if that's addressed .., just my observation..


Thanks for the help there buddy.

No, I did not. It is new coco and i rinsed/flushed it. I don't use coco and know very little. 

Enlighten me please as to what exactly you are referring to when you say charge the coco?

This may be part of my issues but gotta get things going in the right direction from start to finish. I started with the coco cause I was having problems with whatever medium I used.


Thanks for takin the time to give things a look.




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@shaggyballs charging coco refers to adding nutes to the medium before planting in it. When I run coir I usually make up some 1/2 strength nutrients, pH it to 5.8 and flush the coco. Some manufacturers pre charge for you. It basically is setting up the medium so nutrients are available right away after planting in it. Hope this helps

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Pretty much exactly what I am referring to but I do 5/1/1 calimagic / micro / bloom at 1.5-2 ec (1000-1400ppm) .ph 5.8-6.0


The science is peat is naturally low in ph and holds a bit too high a % of moisture so the sunshine or pro mix add dolomite lime to up the ph but also adds huge amount of calcium and magnesium to the root zone... 


Coco does not require the extra air (perlite) or strong ph buffer (lime) but it does have a naturally high ph and also made up of decent amounts of potassium.


so as a plant the intitial inputs are very different if fed the same feed... coco requires quite a high amount of cal/mg as there is none while sunshine or promix requires little to none,as there is a huge amount released once the lime starts releasing. So if you fed just strait 1 ec of feed into both the coco will naturally up the ph as will the fresh mix, but the peat will have way higher ec at the root... and lots of needed calcium and magnesium the coco will be low in.., 


to top top that off when the ec in coco is low the ph tends to climb steadily upwards, so if you saturate the medium in low ec feed, as it sits the ph goes up day by day, that's why it's better to feed daily in coco, but I start off with a higher ec and drop down as it builds in the medium, really helps ph stability as cuts establishing!


sorry for the long post, n don't be afraid to ask here or by pm if any of its rambling or not making sense.


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Guest TnTLabs

some very good info has already been mentioned,

yeah you need to precharge coco most of the time...

pics look dead on Ca deficienciy, also lacking N... exactly from not precharging

the lights are too far away as well... one can tell from the internodal spacing... what wattage?.. either way they need to be closer

feed with 700ppm / EC 1.4 just once, then keep feeding at 550ppm EC 1.1 till you see improvement

a good idea is to do a slurry test as well, to make sure... but im very certain the Ph will be higher than 6.2 and EC around 0.4-0.6... way too low


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Guest TnTLabs

after 3-4 feeds, id do another slurry test to see where you are... you can get away with feeding low at 600ppm / EC 1.2 through out the whole grow

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Thanks a ton for the great advice!

Man, what did I get myself into. I had no idea coco was so fussy. Ugggg!

I should be able to get a handle on it though.

Well thanks for the schoolin' folks. I will get things going on the right track and post an update.

I have a few tails showing from the next batch, hopefully I can get these going on the right track from the get-go.

Thanks again Gents for all your help.


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Guest TnTLabs

no worries!! glad to help...

yeah pre charge the coco with at least 0.8 EC before you put in the new seedlings, then keep putting in 0.8 EC till you see them growing rapidly, then they can get 1.0-1.2

also, what lights you using for veg? you can keep T5,8 or whatever a couple of inch from the seedlings, straight from the get go, and start raising the lights once the grow taller...

250w is good at 2 feet away for the first couple of days, then one can gradually lower it... all a matter of how the environment you created lets the plants thrive or not...

keep humidity high too.. check VPD 

ohh and i doubt its a pest or virus!!


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ohh and i doubt its a pest or virus!!


I do know I have some kind of pest, seem fairly well under control now but I have been fighting it very hard.



This plant has a very small indication of my problem, you can see the way it kills all the tops of the plant.

It killed several clones and many plants in the past month or 2.

It almost completely wiped everything out. I thought I was clean and went away, came back and almost everything was dying it all looked like the one dying shoot in the pic.

Oh, and I only used coco for a short time, only to start seeds and only due to my current pest issue. I grow in peat and pearlite  with compost and worm casting almost always.

Thanks again all for the help, love the small town feel of the community around here.

Thanks again


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I am using new t8 bulbs 40 watt 6 bulbs in the fixture I think, gotta check to be sure.

Some days I get migraine headaches and can not look at the plants everyday. so I keep the lights up extra so they will not burn. That had happened a few times to me.

Any advice is welcome, I am not perfect so I always need improving. You will not hurt my feelings there is much I do not know, and I know it...LOL! :D

:5899aa396ca33_weedteddy: shag

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Under low intensity lighting proximity is very important as is temperature and watering. Hate to say it but at the same time it's probably good... but your problems  are all in the root zone mostly caused by environmental factors but a big big part of you are using low intensity light is you absolutely can not over water the container!


because you have relatively small containers I would even train myself using a inexpensive kitchen scale... even in a larger container a small plant with 3-5 sets of leaves will only consume 50-100mL of fluids over 2 days... so adding 500mL into a 1 gal pot will be like adding 5-10 days of unneeded liquid which lowers the available oxygen(bad news for pathegoen resistance/root health) but also is likely to result in ph shifts and in extreme cases root rot and soil toxicity... 


anyways, weigh the dry container... if it's 1 lbs or less dry then it should never be over 2 lbs ideally even with a plant larger than the container.. and yeah add 50-100ml at a time every second day, if it starts to weigh more after a few waters then the plant isn't drinking as much and you should cut back till it does... three days max and the surface should never look "wet" on second day... if your perlite goes brown your over watering..  green is toxic.., 


also very important is temperature.... with low light and such small plants it's so easy to over water that any lower than 75* is sure Death as pictured... I would recommend highly trying to go 80-85* 24/7 to increase soil and plant transpiration which will increase cycle rate and uptake... 


if your having issues I would opt out on any composts or manures and double up perlite at least on starts... this will also help keep air ratios high and really help any tendencies to over saturate the roots..


last bit of advice is hardest at all stages of our growing careers , and that is to not be reactionary! So easy to get carried away battling problems with magic bottles and sprays when s lot of it is usually a lot more base level and simple... usually environmental and in the roots!


cheers bud hope that helps some n like I said always open to pm's if ya need too.

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Guest TnTLabs

yo shag,

hows things going man?

dont worry, anything i say here isnt to be taken personal anyway..!!!

like gorilla ganja said, you can keep the lights real close...

i take it you are using the T8 fixture for all the plants, also the bigger ones... 

if you want to be on the safe side keep them 5-6 inches from the light if you cant see to them every day...

Coastal dropped some good info here... take note...

i second that most prob you are having root problems, most prob due to overfeeding and low light intensity!


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