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Skullcap H


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On 7/20/2017 at 1:50 PM, Karma Genetics said:

Thanks for popping.   Lookung forward to your test run.   



Thanks Karma. They are looking good so far.

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I feel like there were 13 seeds??  😯😕

I am excited... My recent karma testers have been mostly male.... :(

hoping for some females!!!  I mean, there's gotta be some, right?!?! :5899aa31ab92f_Chimpaughinggif:

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Full moon tomorrow, so just have to decide what to pop. :rasta.nana:

 I think I only have 5 or less of each.... :(   old grampa scratch, strawbananacream, ghost rider, White Romulan biker..... And a couple headbanger (f2's?) from a friend.

Which should I start next?!? 😈😜

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okay, I been waiting farrrr to long to dive into these latest karma testers so without further delay..... Skullcap headstash going for a soak. Will add the crumbled lime in on the next seed pop in 3 to 4 weeks. Winter growing indoors is about to get right full of Karma Genetics gear. :)

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That Crumbled lime sounds great.

Who doesn’t like Lime?

Where did that Terpene show up ?

Sour Bubble?

I know she has it hiding...

@Karma Genetics What ya got kicking in that Limonene?

Also, I hope you getting straightened back out after what went down with your brother and all...

peace and good vibes

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Well, I got little tails in 48hrs and they are all going into solo cups 1/2 filled with sunshine mix#4. 

they popped 5 fer 5 so will see what we get above ground in a few days ;)

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All 5 Skullcap Headstash are above ground and looking good this morning. Had to remove 1 helmet but was easy.

moving them out to the room today on the outskirts of a 1000w vertical metal halide.

off to the races ;)

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Hey fellas sorry about the venture but this is what I have now as we speak, had 13 Sullcaps all were males hopefully the one I have is female, had 15 Crumble Lime all males but two so far  along with a few others 

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This seems to be becoming a trend, males out poulating the females from time to time.

Any speculation as to why this has become more common?

Or is it just a case of better comunication, was this occuring before but we did not hear about it?

Back on topic:

Looking forward to seeing these grown out.

Keep up the good work men.


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