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NASA Bruce


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Guest dansbuds

i'm going to be doing a BB3 & nasa bruce side by side by the end of this month . as long as i have enough clones of each ... which i should . they'll get about 3 weeks veg then into flower .

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I need to post some pics of my harvest with some details, ....very impressed with this cross. Been smoking it for a few weeks now.

NASA Bruce imi's pheno #7 at chop This little plant went through some trials and tribulations (newbie farmers!) and still turned out just under 2zips of nice dense trichome coated buds.  She

NASA Bruce (Bruce Banner #3 x Apollo 13 F4) This is a cross of the clone only Bruce Banner #3 bred by Delta 9 Caregivers pollinated by a select male Apollo 13 F4  from MotaRebel/breeder Mendel's

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ive grown & smoked bb3 [nice] but havent grown or smoked nasa yet ,i need to pop some of those seeds,or maybe get a cut from some one.

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15 hours ago, Bugman said:


i got some BB3 buds:shake_hands:

And I have some NB buds to share my friend .....also will bring some cuttings of my NB pheno #3.I do not have #5 anymore as it got lost in the vacation shuffle but really cannot tell much difference. Dan has both 3 and 5, let’s see what he thinks as he runs a tight mother program.

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Popped a few Nasa Bruce back  in March.  Ended up with all males, this one snuck by and went into flower as a female..suprise!, another guy.  


Real nice form though with a nice skunkish odor. By the node set looks like strecth wont be too bad.  Any thoughts?



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