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Backyard Fun In the Sun, 52North 2017

Tynehead Tom

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What about the ladies?

Going to be lost to the fires?

Hoping that tray holds cuts of all of them.

Dam dude, sorry just sounds so pathetic.

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Thx @Ilynnboy

its a sad state of affairs here. They are saying on the news they have all the fire fighters out ect but it's all bullshit. We have close to 100 logging contractors here that are trained ready and willing to go and they have only contracted a few of us, our largest water bomber is grounded due to "contract costs" meanwhile thousands of houses burn and police are turning me around  at road blocks while I'm trying to evacuate friends family and livestock. I've been going for 3 days straight now and all the red tape and bullshit is exhausting to say the least

If we got more bombers in the air and sent out every feller buncher and hoe hand we had this fire would be under control in 2 days ..:: WTF man.... very disappointed in our government the last few days. Regardless I'll be here to the end trying to save my place.

@Tynehead Tom can't get a hold of you bud, hope your ok. Call me. Safe houses are set up from here to way up north, bring your prize genetics and dogs and get over here before they shut the Hwy  down again! Right now I can't get to you, it's only east bound traffic for the evacuates and the cops won't let me pass

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Holy shit guys my thoughts are with you here big time! So shitty they are valuating the costs of running their equipment over the devastation people are experiencing as a result. Fuck sakes, be safe !!

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we are okay at my place and plenty of time to access escape routes. We are also fully insured so that's a load of the mind.... so many are not :(

I have no way to take plants with me other than the 2 clone trays but my seed collection is now in a safe place in a fridge 5 hours south in the big city.My greenhouse and rooms are running at normal but we are on edge. We have some families here now that were evacuated north of us and my buddy down the road has families there now too.

let us not forget the thousands of other across the US and Canada.... and Portugal for fuk sakes..... fleeing ravaging fires.

Be safe out there everyone.... for now we are holding fast


will advise......

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Put anything you want to maybe make it down on the ground and cover with as much shit as you can... books don't fully burn, there was stuff in the corners of every room that didn't fully burn... everything up high or out got burned to nothing at my place... only prep advice I got if you know it might burn... 


super sorry to to hear about all the loss up north right now... forest fires are no joke and there is still a lot of dead standing pine from the beatles.


Be careful if your called in fighting them ogtg.., my good friends boss/our friends step dad died cutting trees to stop spread... fire travels underground too and burns root etc... gets dangerous as any job going ...


good luck though Tyne and Ogtg.My thought are with you guys and am down to help in any way if I can.

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F@#king global warming. Just watching the news seems half the planet is on fire or in record heat waves the other half is getting record rainfall and floods.

Best wishes to all involved.


Peace GG

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Well I called in the members for church at my place and a crew is heading up with trucks and trailers, leaving at 5 a.m. with a few riders for escort to muscle any road blocks LOL. My mother inlaw is here from the coast for vacation and the boys will make sure she gets home. Sending the wife and dogs to the coast as well. Me and a couple brothers are gonna stick it out here and tend the garden and move it if we have to.

holding fast for now..... fuk me the plants looked good tonight when i put them to bed ;)

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I've been running fuel to folks trying to save homes and outbuildings inside the fire zone north of town. My truck looks like a fire vehicle as it happens to be fire engine red. I've run a couple backroad roadblocks now and hope i don't get arrested haha. But fuk em if they aren't gonna help save homes back there someone has too. Seems the mayor told the cops to stand down a little as last nights last fuel run they just let us roll right thru.

Fire is holding north of town and we remain safe here though the air quality is extremely poor and I'm having some problems akin to the common cold.

Plants are loving these conditions , even the vegetables are just going crazy this past week. 

I've been in contact regularly with Ogtg2213 as his family is also in the path of fires. He's been running his ass off getting shit done and doing what he can over there. Message is that they are also safe at this time and still holding fast at home.

Some tough rugged folks up here in this part of Canada let me tell ya ;)

will get some pics of my plants today and post them up with another update on the situation. Mother inlaw , my wife and my bike are all leaving with the brothers for the coast hours south so I'll be here with one of my compadres tending the gardens. Other good news is that my trays of cuts are starting to throw roots and I have almost got 1 of everything in the garden backed up. Soon as those are all rooted and potted they will hit the hwy south as well to a safe garden till after the fires.

means a lot to have a few folks to vent this all off too and I thankyou guys for the support 

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Pretty fucked up when any news I hear from the east says the gov't is doing everything it can, sick. Hoping for the best for you guys.

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from what i understand the canadian forces have sent heavy lift aircraft to move men and equipment in the fire zones. No word on actual deployment details.

Troops are not going to be used to fight fires as trained wildfire teams are preffered and Canada does have excellent fire response teams across the country.

Where we could use the military on the ground in the evacuation zones and on the evacuation/disaster routes to assist our Police forces. By and large I think our people here at all levels responding to all these major fires are doing a heroic job. No loss of human life reported yet and there are thousands and thousands of people and 10's of thousands of pets and livestock being mass moved throughout the fire zones.

just got word on the scanner that the crew on the eastern border closest to town and outlying homes/ranches is 15% contained and heavy bombers are arriving today on my lake so no fishin for me LOL

My area is just one area affected and in the grand scheme of things this is far from over with so many large fires threatening cities and townships and rainless lightning storms on the menu for this evenings weather.

i know one thing is for sure..... I bet 80% of the Vancouver area's weed is grown in the thousands of grow rooms being evacuated or burned up as I type this, all over the BC interior. Price of weed is about to go up for those that sell I'm thinkin.

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On 7/10/2017 at 1:25 PM, TheMan13 said:

Godspeed Ogtg2213 & Tynehead Tom, you are in our thoughts and prayers guys.

I hope all is well in wildfire country, that shit is insane!

We just had a downpour that would have help the BC area.

Godspeed to all the Canadian brothers.


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appreciate the comments from all of you.

checked in with Ogtg2213 was a good day over that way untill a new fire started. Will get another update in the morning.

was trying to find my damn camera to take some garden shots LOL It's packed in the camper somewhere :getting-stoned:

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Fuck the pictures keep safe man.

We are normally in our drought time right now but it has been raining about every 3 days for the last month.  To bad that cant get up to you.

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good news at 10:00 a.m. briefing , 20% containment on our fire and containment lines holding on the east and south edges of the fire which threaten our mills and town district. There is more than one fire over Ogtg2213's direction but we are still keeping in contact daily. So good to have people in the loop that are solid and can be reached out to if there's need to move the garden ;)

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