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    I was transplanting some 1 liter airpots of Purplelazerlite3 into some five gallon buckets and, although I usually recycle my soil, thought I would show a simple cheap and organic method of growing from new ingredients.


    The first pic shows everything you need except a bucket and a plant to veg, flower, and finish an established plant by adding nothing but water. You can get a bag of organic top soil for $1.30 and a bag of mushroom compost for $1.70. For three dollars you have 2.25 cubic square foot of organic grow medium that is as good or better than that overpriced fox farm stuff. The cool thing about these two ingredients is you have greater control as to how you blend them. I don't happen to have any perlite currently but it can be added at about 1/3 to this if you desire. I will add perlite when i reuse this mixture. 


    Put a 2 inch layer or mushroom compost at the bottom of the bucket


    i then add a heaping half cupful of my organic compost fertilizer mix to this. you dont have to do this because there is enough nutrients in the mushroom compost and organic soil to satisfy the needs of a plant for a single run but I like to start getting the soil ready for it's next run. This organic compost fertilizer mixture is essentially a blend of half fresh animal shit like cow, llamas, and chickens and half bagged organics mostly rosetone and dry sea kelp left to cook for a long time. 


    I then cover the compost and fertilizer with enough soil that the airpot sits about level with the top of the pot and fill in the sides pushing the medium down hard around the airpot. 


    These happy plants will most likey be run twice using this mixture. It is amazing how when you use living organics and don't mess with it the plant is able to take what it needs from the soil when it needs it. You do not have to constantly juice it for flower and then for veg. I like to precook my nutrients before mixing them into the soil that guarantees that each bucket will get a even amount of nutrients to work with. This method also does away with having to precook your soil before using because the nutes will be able to cook a bit while the roots are growing to the bottom of the pot.


    i just wanted to share my simple method of organics because sometimes people make it seem way more complicated than it should be. 









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    I use mushroom compost also @fabvariousk the only synthetic material I add is the  water  saving polymers, I have gone from Bat Guano to  non burning chicken manure also. I am learning also the importance of allowing the roots to  spread wide for nutes and the taproot deep for water. ( I grow from seed) . I just dug the hole for  a few RLL#4 it is going to be FFOF, mushroom compost, azomite, worm castings, chicken manure. When   they show signs of lowering I  will add a 50/50 mix of  hig N &PK than go exclusively with flowering   guano always leaving a top dressing  with some WC.  The Bat Guano can get expensive and I  think the chicken manure will be as good.

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