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So I was lucky enough to get a pack of these and run a few. So I figured since I had a free moment I would do a quick report. 5 beans in water for 24hr's and all popped. Lost one during transplanting, 1 male , 3 females, 2 stayed in veg, one got the flip.

I really enjoyed them as they were easy to grow,they really didn't have problems with me forgetting to ph once or twice, yup I'm a dumbass.

No real issue's with taking nutes as I do everything in soil and try to do light feeding's, they have never seemed to want more C/M then any other around them.

Classic slow veg growth with thick short stout indica features, I defoliated the one I wanted to flower from the bottom up, since I was short on space the one I flipped stayed in a two gallon fabric pot. 

Growth- really easy to grow ,really just plug them in some nice soil and away they go. slow at first then they pick up stream after a couple nodes. Hardly a stretch when flipped to flower, so people with height issues in the grow space this will work great.

Aroma- here she shine's, with many other things 3 times her size around her when opening that side of the tent its the first thing your nose catches. It's a musty sweet rotten stank to it and very overpowering , a filter is NEEDED

Taste- not much I can say other then its a heavy hitter, earthy but that sweetness sneeks in on the exhale. Great with nice cup of coffee.

Bag appeal- these flowers are dense and have a hue to them not a blue and not just quite purple, just a darkness. They are loaded with sugar, really frigging sticky, also the calyxes get big when mature and I just love the look of a fat bud.

High- hits a person quick, comes on fast at first then gets you thinking, wanting to do stuff. Then it switches up and drops you into low gear and your still thinking , just about how you'll do it tomorrow or whenever.


All in all I enjoyed  running the one girl past the 70 something day mark, and have two more still in veg getting ready to do their thIng soon enough. Ill post pics from the start to finish and have to dig up a flower still curing soon. 


Possum Ridge has some keepers in these beans thats for sure.






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Figured id throw these here. This is an amazing lady. 20 days and stinky frosty holy smokes!! @Smokin Joe thanks again!! Seems every lady ive got so far has been incredible!!

Nice job Bro!!!




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