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Post your Tony Green's tortured bean pics here if you have them.


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If you are a fan of Tony Green's tortured beans and grew some of his seeds and you would like to share your plant pics.........

Post your Tony Green's tortured beans pics here if you have them.

I will have some pics coming soon, they just came out of cups.
I have bubble head and pine tar gush going currently.

What you got?

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Sherbikerbubble. Everyone loves this that tried any. I got another pack too. 

  I really need to figure out my photos. This looks great in the phone. 



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(NYCO x GB)x GB BX1- just want in the jar today. Doesn't smell as sharply citrus as when its was growing and hanging. Have to see how it cures up. 



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  Back to the NYCO x. I wasn't doubting that weed could taste orange/citrus. Just never experienced it myself. Now I have! Not like an Orange Julius or something like that. Not just citrus here, but orange. Subtle but distinct. Much more pronounced in my morning vape session. Nice stone to it. Behind the eye pressure thing. Slightly trippy visuals, which I don't get often. Realized I was just watching the lawn. Time to settle in with some coffee and my cats now. I was thinking about a pain pill before I burned one. Not so much now. That's a big deal here. 

  No real cure to speak of yet, so it could still change. Pretty frigging cool. So I'm getting "some" pain relief from this, Sherbikerbubble, and Bubblehead. I see a common denominator @Tonygreen. Thanks a bunch. Still looking for Lime Gorilla Bubble. 

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7 hours ago, crownpoodle said:

Realized I was just watching the lawn.

You always make me laugh....

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