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Chocolate Thai IBL


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Recently I acquired some of these Chocolate Thai IBL from a friend on IG.


22 beans I was sent, just popped 8, 7/8 popped up, looks like 6 out 8 will be rocking and rolling today. I will put them into some new shoes, and get them sexed and ready.


The next 14 beans will be popped over the next 4 months or so.  Figured it makes more sense to pop them in small batches.


I will be making some f2s of these just to preserve the line. I won't be releasing any of those, but stay tuned for some incredible crosses! This is going to be some really cool gear to run.


The story on them is they were found from a private collector not on IG or forums. He had them for awhile, and got these as an IBL, around 100 seeds or so, only a handful of people got these beans, me being one of them... another dude who grew them was @thenaturefarm on IG.

16 weeks flower, dick in the dirt soaring, magic carpet ride high, Not for the faint of heart, hits like a Mack Truck. Cacao, Deep dark chocolate and leather.


I will post up some pics from his grow, and the phenos he found.


Very cool stuff going on...


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