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I get by little help from my friends #2


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Hey guys I posted in introduce yourself but it seems like maybe I should of threw this up in here, sorry if it breaks forum rules if so please let me know, as I love this place and don't want to cause problems.


Hello this is Blake from Hellablaked beans.. I really wanna fuck with some of the genetics you got.. problem is we're completely broke, our property is in Berry Creek, Northern California and we're in the process getting my garden up and going again after the Camp Fire last year destroyed almost everything. Blazed right through my neighbors property along the Creek and jumped over to our side and devistated everything.. all this after just getting the property..


I haven't had a garden of my own since 2010 when I used all my crop $$$ to become strung out, turned into a homeless junkie for a decade. Ended up riding freight trains around the country in between over doses until I got back to cali after 4 years in the road.. got to Slap City (abandoned military base in southern cali that is a town full of anarchist squatters living off grid)

Got clean off the needle there while helping build a DIY skatepark I'm the army bases old Olympic diving pool.


I met my wife there and got my shit together enough that we were able to finally get our own property in northern California, close to where I grew up in Shasta and Humboldt counties... Then the first year in our spot the fire came and burnt everything in the town down..


I'm not trying to ask for a hand out though, as we have stayed on the grind with a pretty decent size hustle.. growing cubensis. The problem is we don't know a ton of people so haven't been able to turn much of into extra cash, as everything we make goes to bills and rebuilding.


Fifteen years ago I worked at Humboldt Hydroponics in Redding CA and was breeding strains to do good outdoor in the extreme heat.. I've included a few pics of the trainwreck x hashplant, lavender x purple elephant and purple elephant x satori from my last grow there, still living at Mom's house, lol..


we're located in Butte county CA, outside Oroville.. Berry Creek, place burnt down last year and we are living out of a van on the property..


Now we got my cubensis vendor buddy from Portland living here with us helping us rebuild and I'm helping him with the fungus..


Any trades at all for cuts and seeds would be such a blessing for us..


All grows will be documented and credit given to breeder and/or vendor. The photos will be posted on several pages of social media and seedfinder. My wife will be posting videos to tiktok while her photographer girlfriend will be  posting daily videos to social media and my online grow journals..


Here is a  link to my last grow in 2010s diary on rollitup.org , keep in mind I have ten years more I'm knowledge and experience compared to then..




Thanks guys















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