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Strawberry patch, 2021

Tynehead Tom

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Tynehead Tom
Posted (edited)

After making selections all winter long I have a pretty good spread for outdoor and some killer males selected that I have some righteous plans for.

Most of the plants are still indoors under HID and won't go outside till June 10th due to daylight length and cold nights.

I did put the P98 Bubba and 2 fraser valley blueberry HP x Atomic blueberry NL outside testing thier reactions to the conditions.


anyhow...... what's on deck?

1K flower room (5ft x 7ft) has 3 SSSDH (connoisseur) and 1 SSSDH IX1 (Rez) a couple Biker V1 F3 , old grandpa scratch (precious cut) and precious cut x darlins net. I have an awesome SSSDH (connoisseur) male that will stud the bikerF3 and all the SSSDH females.

Working to recombine the rez IX1 line and the connoisseur line for a SSSDH .....2.0? hehehe



Anyhow in the veg room , which is overflowing with wall to wall plants waiting for thier date with the greenhouse (june 10) I have

Original Glue

Original Glue S1 (useful) kept this girl alive from last years greenhouse run

OGKB 2.0

Grandma's Hashplant.... same cut I kept from the tester seeds 4 years ago.... keeping this girl forever LOL

Fire Alien Kush

6 Gun (darlins net f2)

Biker Kush V1 F3

Old Grandpa Scratch Precious cut F2




Dubble Baked

Pink Kush Bx2


Precious cut x darlins net

Dead Chem Head

Double Strawberry Diesel Jones

P98 Bubba 

Fraser Valley Blueberry Hashplant x Dr Atomic Blueberry NL

HAOG mission BC cut


I think thats it..... LOL


05-27-2021 - Copy.JPG

05-27-2021 pic 1 - Copy.JPG

05-27-2021 pic 2 - Copy.JPG

05-27-2021 pic 3 - Copy.JPG

05-27-2021 pic 4 - Copy.JPG

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Tynehead Tom

well.... the veg room is too crowded so I have to get some plants out early this year.

Day length here dictates that between the 10th and 12th of June is optimum so the plants stay in veg when they transition from veg room to greenhouse.

I'm doing things differently this year so I have more control and hopefully a bit less work moving plants but we'll see.

My legal plant count this year is 29 med + 4 rec so 33 plants total.

So to make space in the grow room and because I managed to get my plants much bigger this year , I'm gonna put 8 of them out in 7gallons today before nightfall and get them into the light dep schedule right away. I'll get some pics but I'll leave you all with this lovely girl. She is a 3foot tall Rez SSSDH IX1 that I chose to run in the greenhouse and she will go into a 18 gallon tote. I also have a real nice stud that will be hitting GG4 and a branchy pheno from Biker Kush (V1 F3) 

anyhow.... she goes outside in 10 days.


05-30-2021 SSSDH IX1 mum pic 1 - Copy.JPG

05-30-2021 SSSDH IX1 mum pic 2 - Copy.JPG

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Tynehead Tom
Posted (edited)

Well it's the 10th of June so that officially kicks off my Backyard Fun in the Sun for 2021...... cool that fukkin rhymes LOL


Here's a shot of the garden. Not organized yet and some things to do as far as making space and clean up of last years light dep structures.

I decided I am no going to use the 2 65gallon holes in the ground like I have in the past 3 years. It is just too much soil for the plant to use in my short season and the plants have too much food availlable when they should be fading out near harvest. I think the 18 gallon rubber maid totes are about as big as I need to utilize here and enough for the plant to produce up to a pound if I play the game right.


So .... I started light depping the first group (at the back in the pic) and they are going in the shed 8pm and wake up at 8am. I think there is 9 plants in 7 gallons.

Then there is all the plants from seed this time around and they are also in 7gallon pots now. I use the soil from the 65gallon holes, it was nice a soft and all of last years roots were gone so microbial activity must be good. No insects in the soil/holes either which is nice because I had ants in the grow bag soil pile.


Supplemented the recycled soil with bone meal, gypsum and dolopril and potted all those from the last seed pop. These will get a couple weeks to get used to thier new pots , cloned and then light dep started before months end. They are good sized plants already so I think i don't want them to veg too much longer.


Then some plants will go into 18gallon totes. Havent decided on 5 or 8.... remember.... I gotta hand bomb all these plants 2 times a day for 10 weeks per batch LOL Outside the greenhouse I have a 110 gallon mix of mostly recycled soil from last years totes and new stuff I had to add. Supplemented that mix with 16pounds bonemeal, 5pounds gypsum, 2.5pounds dolopril and watered it in with 25 gallons of mix containing Hygrozyme and Sea Storm to get the microbial action going. That has been sitting in a pile  under a black tarp for the past 17 days so should be good to use this weekend to transplant all the plants going into totes.

So that's it...... time to get this grow show rolling!


06-10-2021 The Garden - Copy.JPG

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