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Early Amber Trichombes show em if you got em!


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Everywhere I look on every fourm it says to harvest with amber trichomes.

But most of the time they are clear or cloudy in the photos round town.


So I ask the questions......

  1. Do all strain/cultivar form amber trichomes?
  2. Is the trait genetically dependent?
  3. Do you have real unwithered translucent amber trichs right now?
  4. What is the highest percentage you have seen?


We should not need a macro to see the type of amber trich's I am refering to but it will help identify them properly.

Ideally they should be clear on the outside and amber on the inside.

This should happen before the trichomes turn milky.

But if you got any kind of amber trich's I wanna see em!


With that said.......

Amber Trichombes show em if you got em!

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                                                               Do plants need silicon?       

                                                       Welcome to Z-Library!


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Great topic! I was trying to upload pics but they will not load..Hmmm!

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I was thinking the resin heads were turning golden super early on the Cole Train I have going right now.



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