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Chick Magnet


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Small outdoor Massachusetts grow, 4 plants and one will be chick magnet. Dropped seed in water this past Saturday for 24 hours and then paper towel for a day. Quick germination, already in plastic cup with Coast of Maine seed starter soil. 



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Other strains in the grow...


Mostly Sativa Strains:

Fast N' Glorious (Mandala Seeds) (Reg)      (Early Mandala #1 x South African Highland) the Mandala #1  (South African Highland x NZ Purple Indica & North Indian Sativa)


Balanced Hybrid

Raphael (Irie Genetics) (Fem)    (Strawberry Fields x Blueberry Cookies)


Mostly Indica Strain:

Hibernate (Green Point Seeds) (Reg)   (Shut Eye x Stardawg)


I'll be updating the Chick Magnet grow here, wonder what phenotype I'll get. Time will tell.


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why the interest in topping?


It seems as if it has plenty of internodal growth that will bush out in time.

Or trying to regulate height?

Have you looked into bondage?

or better known as LST?

You can achieve the same results without losing your apical leader.


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Per MMS plant does best with multiple toppings. My veg is going to be longer due to outdoor grow, should help control height. Plant is going in a 30 gallon container. 

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Topped plants, Chick Magnet, GSC, and Raphael. All looking good. This is just my second grow so I’m pleased with all the plants.


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Looking great!

I recommend topping Chick Magnet indoors or anywhere that height is a concern. They grow very tall, doing most of their growing during stretch into flower. Indoors, it has about a 5x stretch when flipped. Some phenos may be slightly less. You can flower it at 1 foot tall, and end up over 5 feet tall at the end with loads of branching, really productive special sativa. I havent seen it grown outdoors yet.

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Planning to put in 30 gallon pots (Grassroots Living Soil Pots) in a couple of weeks. I amended last years soil with BuildASoil Craft Blend Nutrient Pack, Coast of Maine Lobster Compost, Worm Castings and Recycle-Sil Natural Silica



Watering once per week with Mammoth P


Pest and Disease Control: (foliar spray)

Pure Crop1 - A Plant-Based Insecticide, Fungicide, Biostimulant, and Surfactant  



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1 hour ago, TheShortAnswer said:

not sure what to expect come early August...

Big buds...LOL


Looks like you may need another bit of screen/trellis by then too.

Nice lookin' plant!

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man I'd love to put that girl in bondage.

spread her wide.

Probably double your eventual yield.

Great looking plant.

See any preflowers yet?

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No pre flowers yet but the days are getting shorter. I'm growing 5 plants, all different strains and barring any issues I expect to get a nice haul after dry and cure.

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That is a great looking plant 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

I'm just a billiard ball that's chipped and scratched and soaked in smoke and wine.

Yeah, I'm a little too stoned to keep up with the times

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