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Memnoch’s shit.


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Pestilence 9.5 weeks. image.thumb.jpg.45a44c606f56b9cb195e7e82429d3d68.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.be5e0457b9615378ec2fc8fd289478f8.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.d5c6329f4881f941ad174b823ff80a2f.jpg

They are still going at the moment. We’ll see how they look in a few more days.  Seeing lots of cloudy trics wit a few amber. Would like to see more though 

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8 minutes ago, xxxMEMNOCHxxx said:

Yeah I just have one blue frozen waves going at the moment. It’s from incognito Genetics. 

Some different looking buds. Lighting maybe.

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Those are a public enemy cross. Pestilence. Blue frozen waves northern soul and two wreak havoc   Been taking daily pictures of the trichomes to watch the development.  I’ll take some of the buds in a little while. 

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They do breed some beautiful plants.only downside is they have a little longer flowering time.  Can definitely see some potential for breeding with a few 

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