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Greetings to everyone at the Lab and beyond. I wish you and yours happiness, good health, soft hearts and sound minds.

There will be some testers ready to go out toward the end of the month or first couple weeks of November. If anyone is interested in running some and has room to fit them in please send a PM.

The plants that produced these seeds were grown naturally with the soil food web and love under full weather outside at 46.5 north latitude in the PNW.

The male used was selected from the Kashmir Azad line...#5. He had a strong scent of sour cream and onions with tacky stems. Great structure too. Looking forward to see what he shares. He was removed from the room shortly after this photo. He and his brothers were left out in the living room till day 63. They were stressed under random photo periods, Root tamperig, Over and under watering and eventually allowed to dehydrate to death at the end. There were no intersex traits expressed at anytime. 
The Kashmir Azad #5 dad. Day 38 of bloom. 



The list of seeds that are up for testing. 
- Black Triangle f2 #9 x Kashmir Azad #5.

- Black Triangle f2 #11 x Kashmir Azad #5.

- Black Triangle f2 #19 x Kashmir Azad #5.
BTf2 #19 mom at 56 days.


- Mazar/Black Triangle #1 x Kashmir Azad #5.

- Mazar/Black Triangle #4 × Kashmir Azad #5.
M/BT #4 mom at 56 days. 




- Mazar/Black Triangle #6 x Kashmir Azad #5.

- Mazar/Black Triangle #10 x Kashmir Azad #5.

- Columbine #4 (303 Seeds) x Kashmir Azad #5.
Columbine #4 mom at 56 days. 


- Columbine #9 × Kashmir Azad #5.
Columbine #9 mom at 56 days. 



- Columbine #10 x Kashmir Azad #5.

I have a couple rules...
No releasing f2 for profit. Personal use and sharing is cool. However these are untested so you might want to wait to see if they are worthy.

Pick your favorite forum(Z-Labs) or forums to share your progress. I'd like to see photos from later in veg and a few throughout flowering...at least. Weekly and or biweekly updates are awesome!

Smoke reports are very helpful and make the final call. I'd love to hear about your experience.

Most of all have fun and enjoy the experience. Please and thank you!




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"Be the light that lights lights that light other lights." C.R. Jr.

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Dam nice looking plants brother man!

Minimal trimming needed on those, I love that...LOL

The testers sound solid, hope some good folks step up and help ya get these tested.

You are a kind soul, keep up the good work.




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                                                               Do plants need silicon?       

                                                       Welcome to Z-Library!


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Great work brother @Kind024! I really appreciate the work your doing on these, looks like all those combinations will working out very complimentary! 


Got a pack of your BT F2's I plan to dive into soon I'm thinking by the looks of that #19 mom!


Hope you are well and busy going into the harvest season this year!

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Pot Boy

Nice looking girls! And guy's ..lol

Edited by Pot Boy
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