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Introducing Swordfish

Tynehead Tom

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just kicked the light on and checked trichomes.... she's fading out fast now with rapid yellowing of leaves. I was hoping for some color but looks like it's not gonna give me a color show at the end. I'm moving her to 72 hrs darkness when the light goes off in the morning.

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Swordfish #1 on the left and her mom Black Tuna on the right. These have grown up together from clones and the similarities are striking. Stem smells, structure, vigor ect , all the same. Leaf expression near identical with the swordfish mature leaves slightly narrower. However, most other Black Tuna leaf traits have passed into this pheno, including her flowering traits indoors. Her smell indoors on the ripe buds is very black tuna with just a hint of something sweeter and danker. Trichome expression has increased in pheno 1 but still very much resembles her mom. Yield also has been maintained and the swordfish in I'm harvesting right now most certainly resembles the parent Black Tuna in her final expressions. So with that , I've solidified my decision to use this female for the F2 and have the male in the box right now going into week 2 of flowering mode. I hope to have the F2 complete in this flowering run and I might pull the Swordfish from the greenhouse and run her inside in the controlled environment.

anyhow, here they are daughter beside her mother.


June 22 Swordfish #1 and Black Tuna - Copy.JPG

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It may not be identical, but it's pretty close, it's actually better than original 8 but I think that's because it had better growing conditions

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25 minutes ago, Ganja Ken said:

So for interest sake, you got that pheno or similar twice out of how many beans popped? 


30 beans popped total, 18 females 

found #8 pheno twice

black tuna pheno twice

1 hashplant pheno

the rest are all similar looking but have different degrees of bud density and flavours.

that was a shity pict, it has a lot more crystal in real life but if you look close you can see them glistening . I'll break out a proper cam when I get everything dried and trimmed 

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Awesome man, that's a pretty good keeper ratio for sure. Nice work on the grow Ogtg and on the affirmation of a successful cross Tyne!

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Ya , smelling the hanging Swordfish I have is making me smile ;) that and the buds are staying nice and firm as it cures. I had a clone of the Mom (black Tuna) in the flower room that finished same time and is also hanging drying. Gonna be cool to smoke test these side by side for comparison.

Overall, even though I'm the breeder of this cross and my opinion is always gonna be seen as biased, I think anyone who actually grows these beans is gonna be surprised at the plants coming out of them. I gotta smoke this one still but overall, WELL worth the effort I put in to selecting that male and making the cross. The plants impress me enough that an F2 is a for sure thing and happening as I type this..... female in week 1 flowering and is already a 2ft tall plant, the hard Black Tuna leaning male is in the box and has been on 12/12 for 2 weeks now. There's gonna be a shit load of F2 beans :)

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On 6/26/2017 at 5:06 PM, fabvariousk said:

Swordfish is pretty lady!

thanx man ;)

she's a yielder too!! She filled 7 , 1/2 pint canning jars, which fit 1/2 ounce nicely each. I didn't weigh anything but can ball park that plant at 3+ ounces. I think in the right hands she's a 1/4 pound plant in a #5 pot vegged 6 weeks and flowered for 9 or 10. Very dense buds and even the smallest buds have density to them. Now, I didn't choose this plant for any other reason than that it fit the criteria for the F2 (Black Tuna traits). Overall though, she is an exccellent representation for what is to be found in these seeds. Heavy hitting, heavy yielders ;)

This plant was topped and ran with 4 main branches, one of which took over and became the top. So I'd say that's a major win as far as characterisitics for the cash cropper. I'll get some nug shots up shortly once the jar cure is complete. Still burping them off every few hours.

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Big fat Swordfish nuggs ..... Swordfish pheno #1T , mother for the F2. Took a pick with flash on and off. Easier to see the purpling hues in the no flash pic. This is some potent tasty smoke. Gives me some forhead sweats and a bit of chest sensation like mild butterflies. Being carefull not to stand up to fast soon after a doobie would be wise advice haha

Still can't believe no one is grabbing these from GLG..... guess I'll just have to keep showing off these heavy yielding hard hitting easy to grow girls more and folks will catch on.... hahaha maybe.


DSC04861 - Copy.JPG

DSC04862 - Copy.JPG

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no I don't do instagram. Forums are about as much social media as I can handle LOL

I'm not really a seed salesman so advertising hasn't been a key concern. However, would be nice if the beans generated some funds for the site as they are 100% proceeds to Z-labs...... and surely worth growing ;)

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sorry dude ..... while i have no issue with freely sharing and swapping stuff among trusted members....... there are some minimal behavior rules around here and a border at the 49 that would prevent me from fulfilling that wish :D

GLG has the beans tho..... and they are priced quite affordably , especially with the plants we are seeing coming out of them.

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These seeds are for sale at Great Lakes Genetics for the benefit of the members and Z-labs.

Please feel free to use said vendor.

He is better than expected...

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It looks like a great strain to me Tom, not sure it would suit my likes,

but I will purchase some when life lets me, I'm sure it will suit my other half.

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Checked the Swordfish male today and he is starting to drop pollen :rasta.nana:

will start collecting everyday now and hopefully next weekend pull the female out to knock her up for the F2. Waked and baked with Swordfish this morning for a fresh take on her and got just wrecked haha 

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@55 days flowering by light dep , Swordfish pheno #1T . Mother of the F2 and she is loaded with beans ;)

nice purple colors starting on the bud leaves too


Aug 19 Swordfish pic 1 - Copy.JPG

Aug 19 Swordfish pic 2 - Copy.JPG

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Gonna give this girl till saturday and then she's getting the chop. Not sure I'll get time for pics between now and then so here is a couple quick bud shots.

Swordfish pheno #1 . I mentioned before, she is the mom for the F2. She is coloring right up in the bud leaves and hints of purples in the fan leaves. Just a gorgeous frosty girl and she has that unique smell I'm really hoping carries thru in the F2's. The male just reeked of it so should be some awesome plants to be found down the road for the back cross to the Black Tuna. These Swordfish beans are sitting idle at GLG ..... I'll just keep growing more examples and sooner or later resistance will be futile hahaha :D

@ 61 days light dep flowering 10.5 daylight/13.5 darkness


Aug 24 Swordfish pic 1 - Copy.JPG

Aug 24 Swordfish pic 2 - Copy.JPG

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1 hour ago, dubzdutch said:

Fishing poles as stakes lol...You got a spoiler made out of hockey sticks too bud?

haha being canadian I probably should have a hockey stick spoiler LOL

Actually in a former life I was a fairly well known Vancouver area fishing personality, guiding on the rivers for sturgeon, steelhead and salmon as well as a charter boat off nootka sound BC. I was also the voice a "very" popular vancouver area fishing report years ago. Throughout it all, and still to this day, I've been a custom fishing rod maker so have literally 100's of rod sections in bundles. All those left over sections from 9foot and 10.5foot ocean trolling rods ..... I got garden stakes for the rest of my life LOL

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