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Introducing Swordfish

Tynehead Tom

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Here's some shitty pics of the one female swordfish I am flowering out right now. It has a deep strong red cherry licorice rope smell to the stems with a skunky funky back ground that is starting to linger in the air when the plant is disturbed. Has awesome structure and is certainly influenced by the male shiskaberry 3 f2. The leaves are a certain giveaway as they narrow and become more "sativa like" as the bud set begins to form. She is stretching but nothing crazy. I've got cut sections of fishin poles put in to the pots 3 per plant so at 3 weeks will be doing another thinning and the big ball "o" string will be brought to bear. :D


Swordfish (S group) 28-04-2017 pic3 - Copy.JPG

Swordfish (S group) 28-04-2017 pic2 - Copy.JPG

Swordfish (S group)  28-04-2017 pic1 - Copy.JPG

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So I have 11 seedlings from the most recent seed pop. They have been in the edges of the flower room now for several days to sex and then some decisions will be made. I see a lot of similarities in these plants from seed pop to seed pop. Very few full on shiskaberry smells in stem rubs and only a few that i feel really lean that way but without flowering them to see structure and bud formation it's a tough call at this stage. have to go by indicators I have become accustomed to. Anything fully shiskaberry smelling is getting culled.

I have a nice Black Tuna in the flower room as well so I have good leaf and stem rub comparisons going on. Only one of my seedlings has a stem rub smell matching the black tuna so will keep it around for now. There is a 3 plants that have a powerful sharp to the nose stem rub smell of that almost chemical/cleaner type skunky berries smell. These will be kept for now.... the first female from those 3 will be flowered out for a smoke test.

Okay, then there are the I don't know group that i remains, stem smells are neutral to  sweet but nothing stands out except for this one plant, lagging a bit behind the others it's whole life but keeping up in it's own way. Has much longer petiole leaves than anything I've seen in the beans so far and has very black tuna like leaf expression. It has a strong sour peach candy smell to the stem rub..... must keep this one around for now too.

As soon as these sex, they will go into the 400W veg cab for a bit so I can take clones and get them ready for flowering out as soon as this room is done.


will try and get some pics in next day or two.

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picture time and sorry for the shitty HPS glare but you can still get the idea.

The one Swordifsh I have in the flower room is pushing 3 feet tall and stretch has pretty much slowed right down and turned to bud production.

I am exceptionally pleased with this plant, excellent bud sight formation from top to bottom, the most developed bud set of any plant/variety in the room. Early frost is pretty thick too. Pics were taken 36 hours ago and today is only day 19. A "very" good sign that these beans are going to produce some fuggen awesome plants!! Another pic shown here with the two plants vegging side by side is the Black Tuna mom on the left and the Swordfish on the right. This is a cut of the swordfish that is flowering right now in the pics here. I'm trying to explain the pics as best i can as it keeps mixing up the intended order when i post them (?)

The seedling shot is a male from the recent seed pop that to me is also showing strong black tuna indicators so will be kept around for a bit to further examine.

DSC04472 - Copy.JPG

DSC04473 - Copy.JPG

DSC04495 - Copy.JPG

DSC04489 - Copy.JPG

DSC04481 - Copy.JPG

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damn tom didn't know the swordfish had a sat look to her. is this the norm from them? time to go shop at glg it looks like

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ya this one is growing with a real nice sturdy structure I'd blame on the indica in her, same with the bud set so far. But the leaves and branching seem very sativa the further along she flowers.

Shiskaberry was a blend of afghan genetics with dj shorts blueberry so a good helping of sativa genetics in the original line. In the original shiskaberry plants we grew years ago, the plants would look fully indica dominant, wide leafed ect and then as flowering progressed the leaves would narrow out.

Black Tuna is reported to be Herijuana x Lambsbread so there in lies even more sativa influence. This particular female in have in the flower room and a clone of in veg, looks to me to be a even split between the Black Tuna and the Shiskaberry. I see both parents in this particular plant and I do think she will be representative of the "average" plant that will be found in these seeds.


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oh my...... i am puffing a doob of the swordfish #11 in the pics ogtg posted..... wow , this shit is fuggen good weed ;) 

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hey Windy ;) I wasn't worried man, figured one way or another that would get sorted hehehe my safe addy is a good 50 miles from me and i check it fridays. Will keep ya posted man.

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9 hours ago, Tynehead Tom said:

oh my...... i am puffing a doob of the swordfish #11 in the pics ogtg posted..... wow , this shit is fuggen good weed ;) 


She's very potent with a nice taste! Love that stuff, sf 6 and sb4 will get ya soaring HIGH off half a doob. 

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oh ya.... the more of the Swordfish I smoke , anyone grabbing these is gonna be super happy with the results. It's got some potency that's for sure LOL

Nice smoke for sure and thanx Ogtg2213 for doing a bang up test grow and steppin up making sure i got some samples. Appreciate your efforts man!!


65.00 bux a pack for these on GLG is a smokin price for what these plants have produced!!! (100% proceeds to z-labs)

Get em while you can as they say ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's been a few weeks since we last seen your flowering Swordfish. Any updates?

How is she doing TT?


Peace GG

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She is doing nothing but impress me so far man. She has the ample structure of a Shiskaberry , with the addition of more bud sites per branch than Black Tuna. She has the chunky nug type top like a black tuna , so not so main cola dominant and oddly enough resembles a sativa hybrid rather than an Indica dom hybrid. That is perfectly okay with me. Branches are stacking bud beautifully and the strings will be coming out soon. She will most certainly yield well by the looks of things...... but we not there yet

She has a sugary, subtle dank floral smell to the fingers when i rub the underside of a bud. She leaves a tacky greasy resin on the fingers and is amply coated in trichomes for end of week 5, which is today. I will try and get some pics tonight. I started last night and the battery died.

fed them at 1100ppm after adding boost and got some burnt tips so gonna back off the food a wee bit and make sure i'm back in around 850 to 900.


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hmmm, I should add this > I was able to score some samples of the phenos from my one official test grower.

My honest thoughts without comparing the buds to thier parents. There was not a sample bud in the bunch that i was disappointed with. All of them checked cerrtain boxes for me. A couple offered a very unique flavor profile that was like a sharp sweet dank fruity flavor and smells of sharp skunky berries.... though i use the term skunky loosly. All of them were quite dry so left tonnes of sugar in the bags. I would say right away that hash/rosin/bho makers will be very happy if those terps transfer to a finished extract. Very unique and I hope to find phenos like those in my pheno hunts.

Potency..... maybe subjective without lab tests eh? I found everything to be a solid 8 and above. None of them put me into the couch in a bad way but a couple of them thumped me pretty good. Now bear in mind, I consume an ounce of flowers a week on average in joints so my tolerance is quite high.

Personally i think the cross came together well and perhaps blended a little too well together LOL It's been a tough go thru 60 seeds so far trying to find the female side of the future F2. I have 2 potential males locked down but have to clone them and see what they look like.

This whole "breeding" adventure is in the end just for me and my buds to have a massive vault of beans for the future. I got so many off that first cross I felt it would be fun and helpful to share with the community. Just my way of being involved and trying to give a little back. So my future endeavors are not being planned for public releases. I only cross what i think my friends and I are going to want to keep around or is truly unique in potency and flavors. Flavor and potency are where it's at for me. I need powerful THC laden flowers to have a reasonably comfortable life on a day to day basis and have managed my disabilty and 24hr pain with cannabis instead of opiods for 19 years now. What I grow and innevitably breed? you can be sure is potent, flavorful , and more importantly "memorable" marijuana ;)

I like to think that will be reflected in the seeds I release to the community.

I would say a keeper (at least) in every pack..... is not an unreasonable guesstimation hehehe

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here's a pic of the one swordfish I have in the flower room. She's a good size plant in a #5 pot. Just finished week 5.

Starting to really fill out now and frosting up very nicely ;)


DSC04546 - Copy.JPG

DSC04547 - Copy.JPG

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well, Swordfish is starting to really blow up now and tonite I gotta get the strings out to support the branches. This pheno is flowering like a black tuna but is forming much denser hard buds and like the black tuna , looks to be forming up a generous yield. Week 6 ended sunday night and the plant looks like she will take one more good feeding and then flush to the end. Calyxes are starting to swell and pistils about 10 - 15% faded. She is still drinking 1/2 gallon every 2 days so flowering is going hard ;)

I am extremely happy with the Swordfish F1 for vigor, structure, nute requirements and floral set. She has a different smell now and it's almost grape like. We'll see how she finishes up and the innevitable trial by smoke test. All the samples I got from test grower ogtg2213 were great smoke with excellent cash crop flavor, potency and bud appearance/bag appeal.

Will get some pics of her tonight and I've decided that as long as she impresses me in the smoke test and yield dept, She will be the female side of the F2 (A batch).

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Guest milo

I have gotta get this in my garden @Tynehead Tom!!!  

Hopefully I will be able to afford some before they are gone!! 👊👊

Or there might be more after....???? :getting-stoned:

Gotta start my Bodhi testers powerful soon.... :o

like a month ago..... 😅😂

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I can make swordfish F1 again if i need to as the male is still around but we'll see. Not many people have grown it out yet so I'm sure there will be some still at GLG. 

If the packs at glg of the F1 sell before the first BX is done, I'll do another drop. So far I don't think a single pack has sold but could just be the site not updating. No point dropping more if they aren't gonna get into peoples gardens. I know there's a ridiculous amount of fire to choose from out there so it's all good ;)

@milo I sent a bunch of testers to a couple 420 members but haven't heard back if they are actually growing them. Was hoping to see at least one of them follow through on an outdoor grow in a more southerly climate than mine.

When you have some room in the garden and willing to provide some feedback, give me a hollar

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here we are at day 42 with the Swordfish. This particular plant is staying around my garden for a while I think. She is the heaviest girl in the room hands down. Even the branches on the back side if the plant getting mostly indirect light are forming up awesome. She's got loads of greasy frost and is continuing to swell daily. I am seeing the branches starting to droop so gonna have to get out the ball of string tomorrow and get some plants tied up for the home stretch. Will giver one more feeding and then water to the end. She looks like she will finish between 63 and 70 days as about 1/2 of her pistils have faded and i see some cloudiness starting in some of the trichomes. Real nice plant and looks like she got the best of both worlds from her parents.


DSC04590 - Copy.JPG

DSC04591 - Copy.JPG

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Here's a quick couple shots to compare Swordfish pheno 1 to the Black Tuna (mom of cross) , looking very similar but the Swordfish is "really" dense bud, rock hard. The smells on both buds are very similar but the Swordfish has a sharper sweeter hint. These are at 49 days. Swordfish is first pic


DSC04635 - Copy.JPG

DSC04636 - Copy.JPG

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Black Tuna and her offspring Swordfish pheno 1 , ready to run side by side for an outdoor , light dep comparison ;)


DSC04665 - Copy.JPG

DSC04666 - Copy.JPG

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Looks like a great start. Those will get big.

Interesting to see mom and offspring ran side by side. 


Peace GG

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3 hours ago, gorilla ganja said:

Looks like a great start. Those will get big.

Interesting to see mom and offspring ran side by side. 


Peace GG

I'm not letting them get huge this time haha. Going to light dep these so they will get 3 weeks days and nights in greenhouse and then it's light dep time.

I learned a couple lessons last summer and don't want to repeat them. I think keeping the plants smaller and have a few more will give me better results and I hope to avoid the fusarium mold that killed the black tunas I had running last summer in totes. I really think i might just do 2 big full season scrogs (gorilla bubble bx2 and purplelazerlite 7) and the rest light dep for an end of august finish.

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Swordfish #1 , day 55 , rock hard buds getting frostier by the day. She has really filled out nicely and is looking to be a very nice yielder as well. I figure a week more on the flush. She's just starting to amber and is showing little mini foxtail like nubs all over the place. last pic is of the very lowest bud.







Swordfish 1 day 55 pic 4 - Copy.JPG

Swordfish 1 day 55 pic 3 - Copy.JPG

Swordfish 1 day 55 pic 2 - Copy.JPG

Swordfish 1 day 55 pic 1 - Copy.JPG

Swordfish 1 day 55 pic 5 - Copy.JPG

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Looks like you've created a great strain, easy browsing your work. Blues is just too broke to buy anything right now but that will change. Nice work.

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