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Introducing Swordfish

Tynehead Tom

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very interesting..... can hardly wait to make F2's

Some of those look like they are going to be some serious contenders in the weight department.

lots of these packs up at GLG ..... don't snooze people ;)

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You can't just leave us hanging with "very interesting" LOL I want the mad scientists  thoughts! 


I will do a full report and rate everything from 1-10 after i smoke each pheno.  

But I can say right now from the terp profiles if they taste like they smell I'm gonna be impressed



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I'm seeing the very large pool of 50/50 plants which excites me and i find interesting because I did expect the F1's to be a bit all over the map.

I see no sativa type or Narrow leaf expressions, which one does find in the the shiskaberry 3 f2 seeds. I'm happy to see the plants staying with the wide leaf traits. I see both plants when i look at the pictures and looks like yield trait is locked in, the shiskaberry most certainly passed it's sturdy structure , yet the leaves are very black tuna in the final phases. Shiskaberry likes to start narrowing it's leafs late flower but those all look tuna ish to me at this stage.

I'm also very pleased at the pics of the shiskabah back a few posts... again it looks like the yield trait and dominate stacking colas remained a main feature. I just gotta work on adding some terps to that line as the mom was a bit flat on flavor.... but i chose her for her structure and floral set.

Having not smoked any of these plants yet, I can only go by what I'm seeing in our garden and yours but what I am seeing is pleasing me.


I'm at the point now that i think i can pick the tuna leaning selections in the fist couple weeks from seed. The serations are quite distinctly different between the parents and all the black tuna leaners so far in veg, have had that distinct serration shape of the mum.

fun stuff !!

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Right on! That's exactly what I wanted to hear. The only thing I can add to that is your might have already got some of those terps into the shiskabah, I can tell you right now they stink bad, well a good bad lol skunky funky foul and fruity. They definatly hit a solid 8-9 in terpine department. And that's a trait I hold higher than yield or budshape, that's why I wanna give them a few more days to make sure they burn up those nutes and I get a good taste test before I have to pick keepers

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These are looking hot!! Well done @Ogtg2213, @Tynehead Tom!!


How does the rock hard pheno smell? Tyne you still have the tuna cut for a bx? Or is the plan an F1? 


Very good report man, your pheno breakdown gives a great idea of what this strain has to offer.

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Thanx man. I just did the selections and over time here, Ogtg2213 has stepped up and is one of the few folks posting thier grows of the beans i made last year. He is our official OTLB Seed Collective bean tester :shake_hands: I'm sure once a few more grows get going folks will catch on ;)

I am purposefully selecting older lines to work with that have not been touched by the OG's, chems, ect ect. Not that I have anything against those avenues, I just wanna go back 10 or 15 years or more and start from there if ya get my drift.

Black Tuna was brought to me from a larger group of growers thru a friend. It is the verified, lab tested cut of Black Tuna , same one grown by the Tilray LP. I was asked by my friend to work the Black Tuna into a stable seed line so the F1 I called Swordfish is simply the 1st step. I had so much seed I figured i may as well donate it to worthy cause and I've sent quite a few tester packs out.

The next step with Swordfish is popping seeds with what i have left, every 6 weeks until i locate the male i want to use for the F2

Then I select from the F2 at least one strong Black Tuna leaning male and do the first back cross.

I hope to have selections made and the F2 seeds harvested before the end of the year but as I say, i haven't found "him" yet.

I'm not just chucking pollen here, I have a rigorous selection process and a few hundred beans left to go thru if i have too. 


at the end of the day, I am making these seeds for me and my friends but I also enjoy seeing other folks growing my seed so will continue to offer them thru GLG when I have surplus.

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Oh man missed my typo on F2 been drinking ha! Bad! 


Well this is a great start for sure! Great to have a detailed breakdown like this too!



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6 hours ago, Ganja Ken said:

These are looking hot!! Well done @Ogtg2213, @Tynehead Tom!!


How does the rock hard pheno smell? Tyne you still have the tuna cut for a bx? Or is the plan an F1? 


Very good report man, your pheno breakdown gives a great idea of what this strain has to offer.


Hey thanks for the props!

The rock hard pheno has a strong foul/skunky smell, not much fruity at all, if any. It very resinous and loud. I'm excited to smoke and weigh that one 


this is was one of the better pheno hunts plant wise I've ever done. They could all be keepers to a hobbyist. You won't have an issue at all finding a keeper in these packs of seeds, clone everything ya got before flower!

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did you get 2 different packs of shiskabah? labelled #1 and #2?

I originally used 2 males in the cross back to the f1 and up untill just recently i had kept the two packs seperate. 


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no not yet, Ogtg2213 is the first grower to show us this crosses potential.

I am more or less looking for specifics in my plants and culling everything else. Keeping clones of the males and females I'm selecting so I can flower them side by side with the original clone. So when i do that, all the clones will be the same age, about a 10 day veg from rooted clone, and I can see clearly which ones match the mum the closest. I'm in no rush really and selection trumps any time line I set for myself.

Be easy to just flower out every female but then i could not have the variety in my rooms and all the other stuff would have to go. Same with the males, I could just pic one that has the stem rub and structure..... but I wanna see what it does at least up to week 5 before i choose it and let it finish for pollen collection or cull it.

This flowering run right now I am putting 2 females phenos into flower , 1 of which i believe is gonna be the mum in the f2.

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Slick rick, not yet but I'll post them up in about a weekish with smoke reports


tom not sure about that, I can check it out and get back to you soon. 

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good stuff man!

yer gonna have some full jars, a couple of those look like real stompers for thier size. I see some purpling in the fade out on some of those. Them are the Swordfishes?

Shiskabah's mom "just" showed a bit of dark purple right near the end but was outside in greenhouse and fuggen cold out there. Indoors i didn't get any coloration. Black Tuna however, can fade out with awesome purples and reds and yellows, even without cold inducing it.

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that clubby plant in pic 2 is the shiskabah? fuk me ...... yes, I think I am on the right track , so pleased to see that man

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1 minute ago, Tynehead Tom said:

that clubby plant in pic 2 is the shiskabah? fuk me ...... yes, I think I am on the right track , so pleased to see that man

Right!!? Nice lookin plant right there.

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anyone who does grab Swordfish beans , or has them already and is going to run them outdoors, just watch stem unions for Fusarium.

In my greenhouse last year the Black Tuna mom , while she grew with incredible vigor and dinner plate leaves, she was the first in the greenhouse to develop the fusarium. Bearing in mind my location, which is not condusive to growing weed, it hit right when the plants bulked up for flower. I didn't get any other molds or mildews, just that fusarium at the stem unions. I ended up culling the black tunas and swordfishes in the greenhouse to make space for the unaffected or minimally affected plants. I then followed a treatment regimen, letting the pots (18gal totes) run a bit drier and sprayed with natria (serenade) and high PH spray. (potassium carbonate? i'd have to check the package). I was careful to only spray the stems and unions and did not spray anything on foilage or buds.

So I have no idea what to expect when it comes to resistance outdoors.


I'll fire off a special pack of bonus beans (via GLG) to any grower who completes an outdoor Swordfish grow in 2017 and provides me some unfiltered feedback ;)

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really stoked to see folks growing these beans and am excited to see what you all find. 

would also love to find a grower who is able to do a run and get some of it tested ;) 

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transplanted my 12 Swordfish seedlings from solo cups to 1 gallons with a fresh bale of sunshine 4 and waddya know..... thrips are back. Whatever, I got the stuff to stop em dead in thier tracks so the entire garden got a spray down and will be adding the montereys to the next feeding (tonight). Bye bye thrips till the next bale of sunshine mix arrives. It looks like I might have hit a good number of black tuna leaning plants in this seed pop just going by leaf shapes and shape of the serrations themselves. Getting the long petioles leaves akin to the black tuna on quite a few and the same serration shape. Another 2 weeks and I'll be flipping them for male selection.


So I'm labelling Swordfish plants starting with #1 , female kept from fall 2017 seed pop that I have yet to flower out. (black tuna leaner)

#2 , also a female from the christmas seed pop. (shiskaberry leaner)

Then #3 thru #14 are the 12 I popped a few weeks ago.


So in the flower room, Swordfish #1 I have 2 vegged up clones about 8 inches with at least 6 nodes well formed. I've put them in 2 gallon pots and have kept a clone in a 1 gallon in veg.

Swordfish #2 , I have the seed mother in the flower room in a #5 pot and 2 clones in veg. The one clone is not responding with the vigor i wanna see while the other is big enough to go to the flower room with it's sisters but I'm holding it back to ensure healthy stock.

either way we will get to see these two expressions flowering over the next 8 or 9 weeks and we are hitting the end of week 1 tonight.


I've stuck a similar sized vegged up clone of Black Tuna in the flower room to compare to the Swordfishes as the cycle moves along.


can't believe no one has picked up a pack of these from GLG yet..... I got no more testers to give out of these so hopefully those that have them show us what they find if they can.

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