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Introducing Swordfish

Tynehead Tom

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My first release to the community, Swordfish, is a cross of BC medical community, clone only Black Tuna (herijuana x lambsbread) as the mom and a selection from Shiskaberry 3 f2. I felt the two varieties would be a good contrast for Black Tuna selections in the F1. Also I me and my buds love these two varieties and figured only good things could come from this cross. I'm also working towards a Black Tuna dominant seedline down the road.

So, gonna drop a bunch of picks of Black Tuna in verg and flower indoors and some veg shots outdoors. Sadly my climate just doesn't work for the black tuna itself but hoping for better results with the cross.


Black Tuna , clones vegged 10 days then flowered yielding 2oz + per plant


black tuna apr12-2.JPG

Black Tuna day 22 pic2.JPG

Black Tuna day 22 pic7 - Copy.JPG


Black Tuna Harvest Pic 1 - Copy.JPG

Black Tuna Harvest pic 6 - Copy.JPG

Black Tuna Harvest pic 3 - Copy.JPG

Black Tuna Harvest pic 11 - Copy.JPG

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First 3 pics show my reasons for selecting this Shiskaberry 3 f2 male from early veg shots and last shot shows a family group with Black tuna in the big tote.... the first 2 swordfish seedlings i popped this past summer on left and right and the male shiskaberry 3 f2 used to make the Swordfish cross , in the middle.

shiska4 march28-top.JPG

Shiska male, fast big leaf.JPG

Fast Shiska male.JPG

DSC03622 - Copy.JPG

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I've sent 300 of these beans in to GLG and all proceeds from the sale will be donated to the cause. I gave DBJ the option of using some for freebies as well.

I'll be documenting the plants in the last pics as we go forward ;)

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Black Tuna is a smooth narcotic smoke. Not quite a couch lock but very medicinal. I find it excellent for body pain, appetite and enjoy the sweet hashy funk that is it's flavour. While it doesn't have much of a strong smell in flower, after the cure she has a very strong room filling odor. The Black Tuna was originally marketted in BC's med community in a tuna fish tin requiring a can opener to get at the stinky goodness inside. Opening a can of Black Tuna was always an exceptional experience on the nose. I'm sure there are many more potent varieties out there as BT averages around 17% THC in lab tests in canada but she is wonderful and sought after smoke in the old hand circles up here. A few breeders have worked with this line and there are seeds out there called Tuna Can Kush , which is worked from this cut. Be aware of anyone from Canada offering "Black Tuna kush"  or Tuna Can Kush in seed form as there are several hack jobs out there with flashy websites with fake beans to sell you ;)

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Thats sounds like good stuff. I thought that the Tuna was an OG kush variant so thanks for the information. Do you know who did the original cross? I would think that shiskaberry would cross nicely into that and result in some stinky Black and Blue Tuna!

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The folks that gave me the cut have been growers in the BC med community for some time. A couple have admitted to me that they were also part of the original Overgrow but aren't active online these days. The local history on black tuna is that it was created by a group called 5 star organics as a tribute to the black tuna gang out of the US east coast. I'm not sure if Herijuana is technically a Kush but the Black Tuna is Herijuana x Lambsbread.

Tuna Kush , is different and while i haven't got a straight answer from those selling seeds of it, I am assuming they have used a known kush variety as a male pollen donor to come up with this Tuna Kush. I don't like throwing names around but reeferman has a variety call Tuna Kush, it's background is unknown to me however and he doesn't really elaborate. I've seen the plants that come from those beans and they are nothing like the real deal cut.

Black Tuna is really cool in that it can be given a short veg and yet yields are considerable and it's just darn good smoke.

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I got some pics from one of the few growers out there with the Swordfish going right now. These pics are day 24 flowering and the grower reports all phenos are very similar, with two general phenotype expressions. The grower has popped another round of beans already but tells me he doesn't think he needed to because of what he has already found in the first seed pop..... keepers :D Time will tell though. These are officially the first flower pics of the Swordfish hybrid. Better shots of the same garden are coming. Thanx to grower Ogtg2213 from another site for permission to use the pics.


ogtg swordfish - Copy.jpg

OGTG swordfish day 25 - Copy.jpg

OGTG Swordfish day 25 pheno a - Copy.jpg

OGTG Swordfish day 25 pheno b - Copy.jpg

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Guest Hawaiian Orion

Very nice looking cross and love the name, I use to slay those beasts offshore when I was younger!  let us know when it's available I would love to run some.





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Few quick Picts of my precious, love the sparkle on this last one, the buds seem a bit smaller than the other plants but it has longer trichomes stalks and bigger heads. She really sparkles under blue light. Day 40 ish, not positive because they deleted my grow log on ic mag :(IMG_2471.thumb.PNG.155616e74d5730afb597567d6b6cc23f.PNG




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thanx for posting !! you are one of the few growers with Swordfish going right now and I'm really liking what I'm seeing :)

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No problem at all , there are a few plants in the group that I really have my eye on. There looking very promising at this stage in the game. I'll have more updates of the next round here soon too. My professional nose is gonna be smell testing them next week so I'll do a real nice update with blue light,individual plants and descriptions 

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so the second pic is the Shiskabah? 

everything looks killer man! In the last pic is it swordfish on the left, shiskabah on the right .... or?

certainly looking like we are gonna find some nice plants in these beans. I just took clones of the one swordfish female from seedpop last fall and looking forward to flowering her. She's a stinky sweet biatch and certainly leans Black Tuna.

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Yes second pict is shiskabah


thrid pict is sword fish in the middle of the table and to the right , with the exception of the taller corner plants, there liberty haze. Everything that's tall skinny and 2-3 weeks behind to the left is and a ton of other random strains that got added to the table at a later date, when I sexed them I had some extra room so I threw a few other strains on there.


That pheno hunt table is perpetual, I'm usually harvesting a few plants every two weeks off that just to keep my smoke jars exciting.  I got sativas ,hybrids and indicas all on that table at all times so it can be an eyesore sometimes but it's all personal smoke so I don't care about an even canopy or hitting numbers. 


Funny thing is that 1k is my favourite grow, I spend more time there inspecting , smelling, scoping buds and just hanging out in general than I do at any other spot

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Day 45ish


Complications on getting to the grow the last while for the good update I promised but this will have to do for a few days till I can make it there. 


Things are looking real nice. I've been having a constant battle with ph but I think these Picts show the potential of swordfish. My keepers will go into round two and get a spot in my hydro grow. Then we will see there full potential in a dialed environment 


at at first glance it looks like two main phenos but if you really get down and dirty each one has slight variations , either smell or structure or flower set. 


One pheno looks and and smells like an old hashplant I usto run, she's definatly getting a second run, she doesn't like the feed schedule but the rest of them are ok with it


another reminds me of shiskaberry but extra frost and a different type of berry smell























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Hashplant pheno , my favourite plant is usually the most finicky to grow so of course this is no exception. I don't know yet if this one is just ph sensitive or it doesn't like my feed schedule but I'll figure it out next round when I run a few different clones of it 



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