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New testers arrived! Iraqi x Black Skunk Afghani


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I got blessed with some testers from Strayfox! They're getting popped tonight. Expect updates in the coming weeks. 


Side-note: Oh man, I was bummed as hell when the Black Afghani Skunk packs soldout in seconds.. way back when. THIS definitely makes up for it. Perhaps the universe doesn't hate me after all 😄


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Okay, so lets do a quick little update on this since I finally got around to potting-up these bad boys. Disclaimer: Nothing super impressive yet


It's Day 23


6/6 germed within 24hrs, though I lost one when the seed-coat neglected to fall off. One had deformed leaves from the start, but I decided to keep it; seems to be growing fine nonetheless. Another has noticeably larger leaves than its' siblings. Still not sure which parent that trait could've come from. None have noticeable smell in veg. Root development is arguably above average on all except  the little mutant one. I'll continue to veg them until 9/1... give or take a few days (need to make space in flower tent). I do intend on flowering-out any males. I'll of course come back to update when I have flowers to show off. Here's some shitty pics for whomever cares.


Peace y'all



IMG_50881 (1).jpg




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So I caught an impostor in the female tent today. This big leaf mkfr was supposed to be the one, but nope. Took about 10-14days to show. So far out of this tester pack 4/5 are males, with only one last shining hope who took this males place in the tent. Here's some pics of the boys. Ironically enough they all look similar and none produced sacs nor dropped pollen yet (about 14-21 days in 12/12). I'll keep an eye on them for resin, more color (there's flecks of purple on sacs), etc.







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