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Guest CluelessGrower

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Guest CluelessGrower

I'm a newbie home grower that thus far has only grown indoors but am about to grow my first plants outside.  I have feminized mass medical (Prayer, Mr E and Panama Pupil) seedlings/young plants growing in a tent with 20 hours on/4 hours off light cycle that I will be taking outside.  I'm planning on growing the plants in pots in case circumstances warrant bringing the plants out of the elements.


Should I gradually adjust the light cycle to match the current outdoor light cycle so they are not shocked? Indoors I do this when switching from veg to flowering.

Is it OK to bring plants back indoors during veg state?  Like in a storm or cold weather.

Can the plants be brought indoors to finish flowering should the weather not cooperate?  If so, I assume the light cycle should stay the same as it is outside at the time.


Any feedback would be much appreciated!






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You don't need to have exactly the same hrs of light as outdoors. Although some strains may begin to flower if the difference is great.
If the plants are young and are going out soon I would not worry about the light hr difference. The daylight is still getting longer until the summer solstice around June 21

It does depend on where you are growing? Approx. what latitude are you at?
Plants can be brought inside at anytime. When switching from out to in I would try and keep light schedule the same. Especially in flower.
Watch out for insects if you are bringing plants indoors from out, you don't want to infect a indoor room.

Best of luck
Peace GG

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Hi @CluelessGrowerI put MMS Putang S1, Putang BX (GLG freebie), MMS Pacman, Tony Green's GG#4 RIL, Bodhi DLA #9 and Antenna's GGL from 18/6 inside a tent to outside May long weekend. They flipped third week August and I brought them into a tent under Halide end of September when weather got wet/cool. Most finished inside by end October no problem. I live in Southern BC so this works well. @gorilla ganjais bang on re pay attention to what critters you bring in from the outside-there will be Spider Mites for sure and Aphids perhaps as well.

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Learn is the word isn't it!!!!! I can't believe I watched all the winged Aphids, multiple colours and types, flying in my yard and then in the tent and didn't think about what will happen next. Lucky it was late in flower, but chop was a bit too early for the MMS Pacman and Antennae GLL. They were good but the Putang S1 and GLG Putang BX did great-so rotten Orange grape and ?????? and nice up.

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