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Tynehead Tom

2020 Strawberry Hill Grow Contest !

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Tynehead Tom
Posted (edited)

How about another contest?


The rules?

well, there aren't any except it must be Strawberry Hill/OTLB seed collective gear , grown in whatever method you choose, indoors or out.

You must at the very least, post harvest pics and a summary of the grow, harvest report and smoke report to qualify your entry. I realize for privacy reasons some folks don't post thier grows in thier entirety. You may email your updates/photos to otlbseedcollective@gmail.com if privacy is your concern.

Two prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest which will be Midnite (pacific time) December 31st 2020 , one prize for indoor and one for outdoor.

I may throw some bonuses out for effort too so some folks might just win a prize for just participating 😄


Grand prizes will be a collection of Strawberry Hill gear valuing over 500.USD and will include new releases from 2020 that I will update on later.


To enter:

post questions and discussion here but for official entries, please start your own  "contest grow thread" here in the Strawberry Hill breeder forum

Beans are available exclusively at GLG


that's it....

any questions please ask away here or shoot me an email


now get growing!!!

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I have me some Super Collider Kush.

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I'll try to throw a few in the rotation here just for fun... got some pretty stanky shishkabah moms I really wanna flower some cuts of out!



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