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Guest Bubba_Dogg

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Guest Bubba_Dogg

Hey guys been awhile since been on here.  I recently got shut down on IG. (Chopstix_99)  so I figured I'd just come back to the lab.  Have a lil A5bx1 open pollination project with two females and five boys as well as finding a nice A5 leaner out of the only pack I had.  Thanks for looking





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Guest Bubba_Dogg

@Slick rick I have been hoping those s1's would make there way over the pond but I doubt it will be any time soon.  Hard to get his gear in US anymore.  I also have a pack of a5 x thai bx from another forum member know for his hazes. (E.T. ) got the pack below from him as well


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It will be a min as the tester when out about a month ago so be patient he made a bunch of a5 crosses too I will see if I can find the list 

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A5haze S1
Bandaidhaze7 x A5hz
OSH cut (SSSC) X A5hz
(HPH X SKUNK) x A5hz
Amnesia (old cut) x A5hz
NL5 x A5hz

I will see if I can get karma to swing over here every once in a while

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