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Thats right.

We have a fresh drop of Putang from Mass Medical tonight at midnight.

And every pack you pay for comes with a free Panama Pupil V3 3 pack.

Plus every pack comes with a free 5 pack of Runaway bride. (Putang (mass cut) x Cake fighter)

Cake Fighter is from Stray Fox and is Wedding Cake x Starfighter F1

I have been lucky enought to Grow the Mass Medical cut of Puntang.

And it is a very up beat, get you going kind of high. But to much will get you side tracked.


I had some friends over last week,and everyone firered up their best doobie. And then I pulled out the Putang.

The taste is hard to describe ,but is very nice. And 1/2 hour later evryone wanted to know "what the Hell did we smoke". Now they all want a cut of her. 


Here is your chance to ck her out. I hear the green pheno is just as good as the purple one.

And she is a all around beast. Very strong plant, mold, mildew and pest resistent.And yeilds great.

She will be a keeper for me. Below is a pick of her out side. she out grew everything in the garden and if I would have given her some more nutes. The sky is the limit!!!! Great job @Pupilfam It is a 9 foot tall gate in the back ground:)





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Happy you all are loving her so much, shes super special for sure! Can't wait to grow the PuTang x Cake Fighter... if only I could find where I put them!!

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