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3Thirteen Seeds

Grease's Pieces Feminized

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3Thirteen Seeds

"Grease's Pieces" Feminized
(Gorilla Glue#4 x Peanut Butter Breath *ogkb pheno)

These are testers that I am currently running. Explosive veg growth which is the contrary of the OGKB traits.

Very easy feeders and not fussy in the least.


GG4 stem rubs in veg and some noticable leaf twist on them as well.

Flipped to 12/12 and found a few balls on (2) of the 4 plants at week 2.
This is the first strain I've made to ever express any intersexing, so I removed them to see where they go from there.

Here we are at week 3 and zero signs of intersexing.
Frost is becoming present on everything including large fans.


So far it is cookie dough/choco/fuel smell when you wipe the trichomes between your fingers. Im diggin it!

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3Thirteen Seeds

Grease's Pieces fem @ day 33
 After plucking off a few balls in week 2, there are zero intersex issues to report. Its been smooth sailing since. They are putting on the frost and still hold that sweet cookie dough smell.
Week 4 and they are finally done stretching. (2) of the 4 are TALL. (Tall one pictured)

One of the 4 is showing some color like it is cold, but the temps are pretty normal.
I think she just feels like being pretty. 😉

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