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Space genetics grow


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Guest LonerStoner2099

Hey @wadehump!


I ran Space Genetics Skunk Special X GG4 freebies a few months ago (first Space Genetics I'd ever run) and they were/are killer! Nice big fan leaves, nice node spacing and big, beautiful frosty buds... Also, a really upbeat, happy head and body high. I was really impressed:-) I have Choco-Gorilla and Pineapple Overdose waiting to be popped. I'd say go for it man:beavisnbutthead:

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Guest LonerStoner2099
6 hours ago, wadehump said:

I have fire glue cookies I think it is going to run outdoors 

Sounds like a winner - I picked up on a lot of sour gas from what I think was the glue cross in what I grew last - really a nice smoke... I've always grown indoors but I bet you'll get a good yield outside.

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