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What we are looking for with this project is the creation of a database style, forum where both growers and breeders can post some simple but important information on the strains they are growing and breeding all in one place for future reference to all interested. This forum is divided into threads from A-Z so that it is simple to use and easy to find what one is looking for. There are however a few simple rules to follow in this forum:

  • Please use the  provided TEMPLATE for posting in here.
  • Copying and pasting them directly for example will make everything easier to follow.
  • Adding additional threads is not permitted. Any other thread will be deleted.
  • Please refrain from adding comments to the threads. As we just want to create a database, all posts containing just comments and conversation will be deleted because it will only make the thread difficult to use.
  • A thread created specifically for comments will be found at the top of the forum.
  • Any suggestions may be sent via PM to both @Limos and/or @zoot. Together we will create a database of information on all the strains grown onsite and by our formidable array of growers and breeders.
  • Please do not refrain from posting your grows just because you are a newbie as all information is welcome here.

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