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Orange Julius F1

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3Thirteen Seeds

"Orange Julius" F1

Currently taking this to an F2, and will make Fems soon after.
This strain is made up of (Mothers Milk X Mimosa)
Should be available early 2020

926599369_OrangeJuliustallpheno2.thumb.png.582c75bfb44ee9255d594796681518ac.png  1819880879_OrangeJuliusFallcolors.thumb.png.af5571818e6eecfd7196792bae63a895.png

1537467902_OrangeJuliusshortypheno.thumb.png.8071f7d9fc61712a7a2e57b5dc0c0c7e.png  2130761618_OrangeJuliusshortypic.thumb.PNG.efd3a7709c5ec0dd86050e3ac1f13f38.PNG

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3Thirteen Seeds
8 minutes ago, Orion said:

WOWZA...let me know as soon as! that mimosa you are using looks to shine right thru!


The Mimosa was real strong in the "Short Pheno" and also had all of the smells from it too. The Short Pheno was all Hawaiian Fruit Punch on the plant (basically like Purple Punch). Its mellowed out to a mix of fruity punch and cream after some time in the jars. Was also a very fast finisher at like 54 days or something.

The "Tall Pheno" however grows much like the Mothers Milk with branch bending OG colas and gorgeous colors in fade.
Smells on the plant were primarily orange drink and skunk spray. Cured out in jars, I can just taste the Mothers Milk hiding in there now but its mostly all skunk n orange still.
This one ran a little longer at like 60 days.

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3Thirteen Seeds
11 minutes ago, Orion said:

Grabbed a couple packs of your "Monkey Juice" Feminized...see what I can hunt down!

Thank you @Orion & happy hunting!
She grows pretty easy, but loves the N in veg. Will also eat up Calcium when flowered under LED lighting.

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