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Pineapple Overdose


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I have the critical glue fire cookies. Cant seem to find much about them or any post where anyone has grown much of their gear. Space genetix dosent appear to be much of a visitor here that is either good or bad.


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I think he was on here a bit more a year or so back... thrre where some pretty nice pics of plants he bred too from what I recall..  we scene is crazy though and a lot of folks have jobs and families and all that too that can really cut into forum time or even growing.

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We are all guilty of too many seeds and to little time!


I think when he was on here showing pics of big frosted up colas it really helped people get motivated to pop more beans.. might have been a few testers too I cant recall but unfortunately if your not keeping it fresh in social media and the forums less people in those places pop more of your gear because they are hyped on something else.



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Update of 6 of the 8 girls...they are going to be some quality smoke and I'm sure a couple are going to stick around and really see what they can do!!!







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The first one of the Pineapple Overdose starting too finish... #6, one of the purple bleeders about a week more...a little test bud that was a casualty of getting at something in the back row...lol





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