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Hoping the weather holds for my Gooey 13 in Northern Michigan

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I ended up with way to much from the gooey 13 for what I need. About 1/4 lb got over dried. I'll likely use that for edibles. Some of the autoflowering plants I grew seem to effect me less as flower when smoked but make a killer infused olive oil for cooking brownies, the only edibles I've made so far. Just swallowing a tablespoon of olive oil with give some serious psychoactive effects from trim I used in my first batch. All sugar leave trim from various strains.


But none of the autoflowering strains can come close to the potency of the gooey 13 I grew. My first harvest from the plant was dried to 62% RH and has held that moisture level through curing. I haven't touched that half gallon jar as far as smoking. Anytime I smoke the gooey 13 it comes from some of my smaller jars (quarts) or a small container of over dried flower. I actually harvested from the plant over a two week period, the last harvest I started finding budrot as the weather went from bad to worse. The last harvested buds were the ones that got over dried as I was trying to head of mold and intend to make hash from it.


I had an autoflower plant I didn't even bother to harvest before snow fell. It never finished after running months past its expected finish date, I got a couple ounces from it but was drying in a paper bag when my furnace started for the Winter and relative humidity in the house went down to 39%. I'll likely just through it in the bucket when I make some hash.


I've been too busy preparing to be snowed in for five months to make any recently but I smoked a tiny bowl of gooey 13 late this afternoon sprinkled with kief from my grinder and within 15 minutes I decided I needed to sleep and was out for three hours, I hadn't slept the night before and finally got some sleep.


Sounds like the first recreational dispensaries will be opening in a few days but there will be none within hundreds of miles of me anytime soon. Not that I would need anything but would like to see the difference in potency from what I grew this years. I'll probably put all my growing equipment away before Summer in 2020 and just start a couple plants for growing outside just to try different grow methods.





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