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Hoosier Daddys Genetics

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Ill be putting some of my smaller test grows of my own genetics and those that don't have a breeder home yet here.

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Kinetic's Quad Kush ( Hindu x Purple) x (Bubba X Alien) 

Sorry pictures arent the best on this run was just a small clone. I'm getting my first taste of her ever and she is an incredible og kush...sweet earthy berries


20190529_232815 (1).jpg



Jaws Alien Cookie #5 F3...🥰



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A little over a year ago, I quit top dressing my coots style soil with any type of compost and went with One Shot by Nectar for the Gods..since I've had zero fungas gnats..


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No more aloe or coconut water..just water and agasil 16h from 2nd leaf set till the end of stretch...2 weeks before flower every other water gets Herculian Harvest by Nectar for the Gods..I ph adjust all waterings..Veg is 6.2 and flower is 6.4.


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A better close up of my Jaws Alien Cookie #5 F3..my second round on this girl..seems to clone easily and recovers nicely once in her final pot. 

Day 56


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