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Baked Alien Cookies


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Dropped 6 seeds of Baked Alien Cookies in distilled water to soak over night, will move them into wet paper towels tomorrow. 

These will be grown in Sunshine #4 soil with MegaCrop as the nutrient and a few EWC teas throughout the grow. When I flip to flower I will add in Bud Explosion.


I will most likely top and scrog, any help is appreciated (:

fan art :beavisnbutthead:



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Awesome been running the #7 alien cookies for years with great success Will be joining u as I drop some gsc x alien cookies

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@Samwell BB really appreciate it, ive got a feeling its going to be a good one!


3 of the 6 have showed tap roots so far, off to the soil they go. I use a t5 to sprout under.


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Nice work here!

Pulling up a chair as I wanted to grab a pack of these too.


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Happy Sunday Everyone.

Looks like the babies are doing good and growing healthy. One of the 5 sprouts didn't make it, sprouted looking like a stick and dried up.  Summer seems to have set in here and the heat waves are pretty brutal. Got to be careful not to let anyone dry out. They really drink some water when the heat gets turned up…Temps fluctuate but im keeping it around 73F-84F.  


Photo Update:


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awesome going to be good to see this one run full circle i to have some of these and interested in seeing how these two mix, that #5 will drive you crazy with her odor profile and mixed with the flame should be even more insane...i run the #5 over and shes a great piece but she can be tricky to grow proper but when ya do she's just simple awesome..


never got much from this breeder, umm 4 pieces is all i have from him..






very nice ..

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@JAWS how long do you veg  #5? Thinking a month from seed will be enough... the only cookie variety ive ever grown is thin mints, likes a ton of nutrients and is pretty short.



So far their coming along nice, getting better at growing from seed finally.  Ive always had a problem with my sprouts being lanky.. always have had my light too far from my seedlings and it was causing stretch. For these ive moved my seedling light about 6in away and it seems to have helped with the lanky sprout problem.:beavisnbutthead: Temperatures out here are getting wild though. going up throughout the week. 102 next weekend.. ive got a big ass swamp cooler that make the house like a meat locker though. 


And some more good news, I came across someone with a ton of CAP 8″ reflectors. Traded a older camera for 4 reflectors, two digilux 1000w MH and 2 digilux 1000w HPS bulbs..love bartering.

 ive only used CFL/T5/LED lights,  dont know much about HID…now to find some ballasts! Hope by the end of the year I can have HID going.



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Everyones starting to bush out, one of them is super lanky and tall, thinking that one could be a male. The 3 pictured below are pretty much the same size and structure. 

Ill be growing these scrog style. From seed I like to bend them over completely, train the branches so I dont have to use a screen, just a few strings here and there. 




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Transplanted yesterday and roots are very healty. Have noticed the edges of the leafs curl up a bit, twist a little. Might be from making it rootbound before transplant/keeping the lights super close, but all have showed the same characteristics. Fat leafs like ive seen on cookie strains but a little more pointed.  

I like to make them  rootbound  with these little fabric pouches I use, becomes a giant root plug and they blow up after transplant.  


3 are all the same size and one has stretched to twice the size. 


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The one with the twisted leafs has turned out to be a male. dropped some more beans this week.  Everyone else is doing well, growing nice still starting to put off some smells. Think Ill veg for another couple weeks in this 1gal container then switch to 5gal and throw them to flower. 


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Little update.

Got 3 flipping to flower. 1 is confirmed female and is looking very nice.

Thick stalk with some long lank arms. Leafs all still have that wrinkle to them like the male did..

Going to lay them down 90 degrees and throw them under a net soon after I take some clones. 

Please forgive the HID :D. I got it all set up and its the first time Ive taken a photo under it, very intense!  






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Well looks like I made a mistake and they're all male. I think ill give them another week just to confirm..Germinating the rest of them now, fingers crossed! 

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@Samwell BB Ive got 5 more germinating right now, think I saw a tail or two.  

I almost had a whole damn room of males 😞 7 out of 8! Bummed, they were starting to smell nice. 


@Usstoner yeh they were taking off, I was like damn this is going to be gooood! then bam, balls in my face. 

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appreciate it,  Ive only been growing for like 5 years and ALWAYs still have to go on the net to find picture of male sacs haha. Figured I would take some as I saw them so I can easily identify next time..  I worked in the photo industry for years, stopped and started growing pot :beavisnbutthead:. Still do some gigs here and there though.  Really was trying to break in to the Cannabis photo industry but that hasn't worked out hahah. 

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