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Digging through some memories

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I really need to do more. When I say Do I mean Grow. 


Anyone have interest in helping to further some stuff I’ll never get to?


These are special to me so really people like myself need not apply. 


PM me and let’s talk. I’ll be adding more













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All I can say is that is one hell of an offer!

This is a very good idea and it should catch on quick.


We need to work together more often than we do.

If the general public was more trustworthy this would be the new normal.

As we see being played out for us in real life, It is Corporate cannabis vs. the Citizen.

Pick a side and remain loyal and honest.


Together we can achieve what we desire.

Truly free Cannabis!


Again nice offer brother limos!


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Very nice of you to offer them up 👍🏼🙏🏼


I would like some but I’m so backed up it’s not funny 


wish I had more time to grow more

I'm just a billiard ball that's chipped and scratched and soaked in smoke and wine.

Yeah, I'm a little too stoned to keep up with the times

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Yeah I’m backed up too.. looks like some good stuff though!

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9 minutes ago, RckyMtRdnk said:

motherless goat farms might be interested. 


Lol MGF is like a second cousin so this and anything else was always available 

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