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Zombie Weed


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Sorry for these looking a little rough...they have moved around a bit last few days...raytown shuffle around here sometimes. Will be interesting to see how they match up to the hype. Anyways, clones are looking great.. will post some updates in a few days on those.

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Yeah #1 is favoring the zombie side and #2 looks to be favoring the princess (c-99) side of the dad..first set of clones from both are fully rotated into flower. 

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Been thinking for a few days about these and I think both of these phenos will go out this summer to make some crosses...I've got 1 pack of Bodhi's Sundace and Mindfullness each...That might be a good place to start for a new Daddy or 2...

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Guest LonerStoner2099

Daaaaang! I'm a little late to the party - but I had no idea there was so much fire to be had in Mosca's seeds... Those 1st two pics at the top have some serious trich coverage! ✌️

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