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Princess 👸 Double Doja

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Sorry for the lack of quality in the photos. A glam session is overdue. But these test run photos are just the beginning of this princesses future.


A little about this girls heritages, Her mother was a queen haze I found in Kaks Jacks Princess 👸. ( Jack's Cleaner P1 x Triclouds Pineapple Princess. C88xc99) and I took a very dominate green pheno of Outlaws Pre98 x Double purple doja to the Queen 👑 I kept (featured in zoots jacks princess journal). And the outcross of this queen to the King 👑 found in Outlaws gear really is a beautiful one.


Even though impressive in structure and floral size, this will never serve a commercial growers needs and requirements even though it has the"Big Bud" look, its moderately dense once dried and cured. Which is awesome for a triple sat backed by old school kush..


Caught in the shower with clean shaven legs. Princess 👸 isn't to modest for being of the royal families...But her high, well it's anything else but modest. Tastes like Doja, with a grapefruit undertone. The highs a quick one with onset timing, yet it's a creeper too. Just like with the queen 👑, I find myself thinking and soaring with a half of the joint locked in my grasp even though forgotten about lol...









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26 minutes ago, shaggyballs said:

It is crazy how it looks like a bud balloon...LOL

Did the stem support all that bud??

Nice lookin' stuff there @xxPeacePipexx


Thanks, this one fills in a lot like a balloon 🎈 expanding during early flowering just like the mother did. So far the test sampling results have indicated that this might not have a ceiling lol. Curing now, and time will tell..


No support needed with this lady, even though she's top heavy midway through bloom and spreads out naturally I did tie her lowers into the form she held before the final swelling set in spreading her wide.


After analytics, I've realized that I will be defoliating next run and probably maximizing her traits while pushing for 13 mains. In short, I'd be inclined to push her into the gauntlet anytime now that I have gotten to know her a little more.


Walk in peace ✌

Edited by xxPeacePipexx

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