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Making ribs for Pop’s today. Just a basic rub, creole mustard, and black pepper. Unfortunately had to cut cut racks in half this time. Cover dish with foil and bake at 250 for 3 to 4 hours, then finish on the grill basted with Carolina style apple cider vinegar BBQ sauce.






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This is my last pulled pork, could have trimmed it a bit more. Cooked it on job site for 15 hours at 225 to get her over 190 degrees. Here are the stuffed Quahog’s that I served as a side dish : ) with BBQ.  I absolutely love cooking BBQ, I’m all ears for any tips or recommendations. Thx Lab




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Ribs were pulling apart to the point where I had to finish and baste them in the broiler instead of grill. This rack was the most still intact.  4 hours at 250 degrees 


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Guest imiubu

Dang @Kingfish I don't know how I missed this thread til now!

Everything looks delicious.

A man who not only will cook but also enjoys it... seems to be somewhat of a rarity (except here at the lab 😉  ). 



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