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So you like to get your smoke frome a weed store, well you will wanna read this!

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Detroit, Kalamazoo, Lansing medical pot products recalled


Patients who received the following products from The Green Mile in Detroit should return them to the provisioning center:

  • Gelato; License No. 1A405010000076E000000140
  • Superman OG; License No. 1A405010000076E000000141
  • Mimosa; License No. 1A405010000076E000000125
  • Girl Scout Cookies; License No. 1A405010000076E000000126

Patients who received the following products from Compassionate Care by Design in Kalamazoo should return them to the provisioning center:

  • Critical Cali; License No. 1A4040100000515000000014
  • GMO; License No. 1A4040100000515000000015
  • Silver Haze; License No. 1A4040100000515000000016
  • GSC; License No. 1A4040100000515000000017
  • Critical Kush; License No. 1A4040100000515000000018
  • Blueberry; License No. 1A4040100000515000000019
  • Skunk #1; License No. 1A4040100000515000000020
  • Chunk D; License No. 1A4040100000515000000021
  • Amnesia Lemon Kush; License No. 1A4040100000515000000022
  • Special Kush; License No. 1A4040100000515000000023
  • Purple Punch; License No. 1A4040100000515000000024

Patients who received the following products from HG Lansing should return them to the provisioning center:

  • Citrix; License No. 1A4050100000F3D000000009
  • Gelato; License No. 1A4050100000F3D000000010
  • Green Crack; License No. 1A4050100000F3D000000008
  • Oreoz; License No. 1A4050100000F3D000000023


State issues recall on marijuana products sold in Detroit and Kalamazoo

As Michigan gets used to the idea of its new marijuana industry, it means we should expect to be getting a safer, state-regulated product in stores. But it also means that Michigan's medical marijuana provisioning centers have come under increased scrutiny.

On Thursday, the Michigan's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs released a public health bulletin warning medical consumers of recalled products from two Michigan medical marijuana dispensaries.

Products from Kalamazoo's Compassionate Care by Design and Detroit's Green Mile have both been flagged for selling several strains of marijuana flower that have failed to pass the state's stringent laboratory testing criteria.

In Kalamazoo, marijuana strains Critical Cali, GMO, Silver Haze, GSC, Critical Kush, Blueberry, Skunk #1, Chunk D, Amnesia Lemon Kush, Special Kush, and Purple Kush all tested positive for a chemical residue. The tainted flower products were sold at the Kalamazoo dispensary between Dec. 12 and Dec. 29.

At the Green Mile provisioning center, located at Sherwood Street and East Eight Mile Road in Detroit, four flower strains sold between Dec. 18 and Jan. 3 failed laboratory testing. Strains Gelato and Girl Scout Cookies failed for total yeast and mold, Superman OG failed for chemical residue and Mimosa failed for bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria and total coliforms.

Consumers can refer to specific batch numbers found affixed to the medical containers if they suspect they have purchased tainted products. The state urges consumers to return marijuana products to the original provisioning center for proper disposal.

For more information about the public health and safety advisory, you can head to michigan.gov/lara.

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Little late on that one,lol... pretty sure that got smoked already!


wonder if it is strict testing or some poo dope by poor growers..

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