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Podcast Interview.....Great Chat!

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Please share this insightful and one-of-a-kind true story from a 7 year war combat medic Veteran.

WOW! Must Listen! What are The Strains of War? R Doc Gage Amsler, author of The Strains of War, joins host Robert Roundtree to discuss how he found, and brought back to the U.S., landrace Afghani genetics with a true 1:1 THC:CBD ratio in the Hindu Kush valley while on patrol as a combat medic.

His book has been featured in High Times and has received many great reviews from critics and patients. His mission is to spread these genetics far and wide for veterans battling PTSD and other service related issues.

Since returning, selection and breeding has begun and he gives us a sneak peak at what to expect going forward. His second book, that picks up where The Strains of War left off, is in the works. We HIGHly recommend picking up a copy of the first book.

Gage risked everything to bring back prized genetics that can only be found in the Hindu Kush valley. Amazing mold resistance and other highly sought after traits are the hallmarks of The Strains of War. Over an hour of amazing testimony from a true American hero, still fighting on the front lines of the most important war we are fighting, The Drug War. 🔈 🌱 🌞 🌱 🌞 ✌️


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