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Help pick 3 strains for the tropics


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My friend in Jamaica is wanting to get some new genetics to grow down there outdoors. He lives out in the bush with limited access to internet so it's hard for him to do a lot of research. I told him I'd help him out as much as I could and take care of ordering them and making sure they get down there to him.

I'd like to grab 3 strains that are mold resistant, finish in a reasonable amount of time, potent and yield decent.

They also need to be available at GLG.

I'd really appreciate your advice on this as I'm a clueless indoor grower.

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47 minutes ago, Ilynnboy said:

Try and get Outdoor seeds.

it does make a difference.

That's what I'm trying to do. So many strains at GLG that I was hoping someone that was familiar with growing in that climate might chime in but I'm open to all insight. Whole different set of parameters down there that change depending on the season. Our Cowbell that we started in April failed because it rained too much before they matured and the dense nugs molded. The PLL3 did OK with shaking the plants after a rain. I'd bet the Cowbell would do fine if planted before Christmas during the dry season. I'd prefer something from Bodhi but Mosca has a C99 that might work. Open to any breeders though.

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Gorrilla bubble did good outside but we are in two different climates I would have him grab sativas not Indica's try to find out his season an how long it's is 

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Thanks for the info everyone. I don't envy anyone trying to grow outdoors down there. An indoor veg room would seem like a great thing to have to get a jump on mother nature in that climate. The light cycle pretty much puts plants into flower from seed. The worst part of the year to try to get something finished is Sept-Oct which are the wettest months out of the year.

@Slick rickI happen to have a bunch of Gorilla Bubble BX2 seeds I made so we'll give those a shot since they're free.

@ComacusThose look like possibilities.

Keep the suggestions coming, I really appreciate being able to pick peoples brains on this one. So glad I found this place instead of the rag.

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@shooter don't sleep on those Sativa Breather Fund Raiser Old Timer beans.  I think Auction 44 is the last one of his going up in the fund raiser.


@dragboatjeffy has them on special.  (4) packs of seeds for $127.50!  Unbelievable package price on some great old school genetics.    Here's a picture of his gear if you need some inspiration 😊




Also check out my 8th Ave. Genetics Purple Mayhem Series and Bomb Bud Puffa's creations loaded too.  If you are hunting for some nice purples don't sleep on those!  Below is a picture of one of the Nocturnal Mayhem's grown by one of @texasjack 's buddies.  Purples are not generally known for their high potency but this grower said his keeper is the strongest smoke he has had!!



@Shooter tagged you again for the above.  Don't think the first one worked.

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@ComacusThanks for thinking of me. It's much appreciated. Another member and I worked out a swap on some beans and 100 headed south to Jamaica yesterday. If I can get pics of the grow before I head back down in March I'll revive this thread and put them in here.

Those plants above are beautiful.

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