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Here’s a copy and paste from their website.


Genetic heritage: Walter White x 24 Carat


DescriptionHeisenberg Special is a limited edition strain from Mephisto Genetics. It was created during the summer of 2015 and proved to be extremely popular among testers. It is a hybrid cross of Walter White and 24 Carat. It grows to just under 1 meter tall in 15 liter pots, not quite as tall as the Walter White, but somewhat sturdier and bushy. Leaf tucking was found to really encourage lower branch growth, due to the extra exposure to the light source, and resulted in plants with several colas rather than just the central one. The buds are nicely dense and covered in trichomes. The aromas and flavors include pepper and sour lemon, and the high is quite potent with a certain smoothness and balance. Harvest is between 65 and 75 days from germination with a yield described as medium to large.


I planted 4 of these on 9/24 and they all came up on 9/27. I have them in 1 gal pots


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