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Blue Dream x DMT

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Tynehead Tom

cool man, all info is useful going forward. 

I'll be popping more once i can expand into the rooms I'm building in the shop. Right now I've got the floros in a 4 x 3 open space supported above the plants on moving boxes LOL and the 4x4x6 cabinet of 2x4 construction , wrapped in blackwhite and running a 400 MH with a 90cfm exhaust/passive intake.

The rooms outside will have a 8x6 flowering room for 2000W and a same sized cloning/veg area with 1000W and the floros on shelves. between will be a 5 foot x 8 foot work area/electrical room. Should be awesome and then i can get to popping even more variety !!

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just went thru the vault and to my surprise i found these. not sure i remember where i got them from but will bust a few to see what i find





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Time to fire this thread back up.  Got these as a result of Ninefold's 12 days of Christmas Contest on IG... Whoop!

Dropped 6 in the pool last night (3/1/18)

DMT Dream - Possum Ridge Genetics



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