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Black Triangle

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On 9/1/2018 at 9:47 AM, Oldproseeds said:

Such a clean gardener!


Good work brother.....i am getting a bit tired to be that clean...... ūüėČ

All good in here!!!


Thanks brother Oldpro, hope the sandy peninsula is treating you and yours well this year. I try to keep my gardens as clean as time allows...sometimes not so clean as others.

18 hours ago, gorilla ganja said:

A few yellow leafs help to blend in better with the native plants.


Just be sure to pull the males 5-6 weeks before you intend to harvest. No use having the plants devote energy to immature seeds.


Best of luck for a strong finish @Kind024


Peace GG





 Thank brother GG, yeah most of the vegetation around here, unless manually watered, is yellow dry or dead. The plants and pots are pretty camouflage at this point.


Thanks for the heads up on pulling the males. That will be pretty soon then. I imagine about another 6-7 weeks for the ladies, or as long as the weather permits. I was planning to leave the ladies till frost threatens. The plants are loaded with seeds/forming seeds already. I'll do one last manual dusting later this week then chop the boys.


I hope they finish well too. Mostly for the shelf life of the seeds. The last two days they were sprayed with a worm casting/frass/aloe solution. It was aerated all together for about 6 hours. The plants responded well to that. They may be greener this morning. The last topdress of soil was recent so that should be helping too. I'll keep spraying the casting/frass/aloe solution a couple times a week till the final weeks. 

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Greetings to the Lab community, I hope all of you and yours are flossing regularly.


A few updates on the seed plants outside.

9/1/18, 3 gallons of clean water, 2 cups worm castings, 1/3 cups mealworm frass and 1/4 cups fresh aloe leaf was aerated for 6 hours. It was strained through a muslin bag and sprayed with a pump sprayer at low pressure with a high flow noozle.


9/4/18, The males were chopped.


9/5/18, 3.5 gallons of clean water, 3 cups worm castings, 3/8 cups frass, 1/4 cups fresh aloe leaf and 1 tsp of molasses was aerated for 5 hours. Strained and sprayed same as last.


9/9/18, Some pond water was sprayed on the plants to rinse the flowers of the tea residue. I was hoping for some rain to do that. Now early this morning it rained pretty good so i'm going to spray some more tea tonight...idk if they are still considered a tea at this point or more of a nutrient slurry?


9/11/19, 3.5 gallons of clean water, 2 cups worm castings, 1/4 cup frass and 3/8 cup fresh aloe leaf will be aerated for 6 hours and applied the same way as the others. Before the aloe leaf is added to the these slurries/teas it's blended well with a few cups of water...the whole leaf portion goes in along with the outer skin.


9/11/18, Photos from this morning.









#F. This is the one that wasn't ready to go last round. She had to go outside to replace the one eaten by the chickens. There is still a copy in veg. She's very slow to veg and she likes the 1k MH over the fluorescents. She has a different smell profile than the rest of her siblings. Kind of like the creamy sweetness of a Now and Later or soft toffee candies. I'll wash her leftovers for a hash sample. 





This is the Noodle x Purple Gogi f3. I think she is an outstanding cultivar but I could be bias. She needs to get out to a couple folks for opinions yet...(lets see if I can remember how the Noodle came to be...a while ago Swampthing from BBay crossed a Potrero Hill Ortega NL cut with a Clusterfunk male. Than Strayfox selected a female he dubbed Miss Stinky from some of those seeds gifted from swampthing. He dusted Miss Stinky with some pollen from a skunk va leaning male selected from Clusterfunk remix. I was blessed to test some of those seeds in '14. A female was found that was worth her weight...couldn't grow enough to supply her demand. That sounds about right.) A cut was given to some folks in Portland and they dubbed it stumptown diesel as they felt Noodle wasn't a catchy shelf name. Anyways, I grew some Purple Gogi f3's Bodhi released in late '15 or early '16. A couple males took forever to show in veg, over 80 days. One of these males had a little green stamen. That stamen was smushed into a flower of the Noodle while she was in early bloom. One viable seed came from that, this is it. She is totally different than mom. She runs past 80 days indoors with a nice sour berry smell and taste. Very heady with a warm hug for support. Idk if she will totally finish outside but she will have plenty of viable seeds. Some will go out with the second generation Black Triangle seeds...the universe willing. Our fall can be very trying on late season finishing plants. Cold and rainy. I'm sure they're will be plenty of seeds to play with at the end of the season either way.




The yellowing seems to have slowed while the flowers are holding color. Regular foliar sprays should keep them healthy till harvest.




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Slick rick

Nice did u keep the purple goji bro I had all three clone now I only have pine Sol wish I would of held onto the the purple goji thrive really help everyone by grab them cuts an passing them to the community

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On 9/12/2018 at 7:18 AM, Slick rick said:

Nice did u keep the purple goji bro I had all three clone now I only have pine Sol wish I would of held onto the the purple goji thrive really help everyone by grab them cuts an passing them to the community


Sorry bro...neither parents are with me anymore. I was shutting down that room at that time and moving to a farm for an internship and couldn't hold anything while there. A buddy held the mom for a while but had no use for the males. I was running for flowers and had to split everything with a roommate at the time. There wasn't room for personal projects unless they were producing...


I had no idea the gogi line held anything like that...wish I would have kept them now.


The noodle x gogi is worth a shake. I'll run off a tray of them if anyone has a place for them to go? ...in the community of course.

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Greetings to the Lab community. Hope everyone is having a good one. The weather has been gentle so far. The plant are happy and should finish well.



9/13/18, Foliar spray was applied. 3.5 gallons of water, 1/2 cup kelp meal, 1/2 cup alfalfa and 2 TBS of oyster shell flour was aerated/agitated for 46 hours. At hour 44 or 2 hours before application 1/4 cup of fresh aloe leaf was added.


9/15/18, A foliar spray was applied. 3.5 gallons of water, 3/8 cup frass and 3/8 cup fresh aloe leaf was aerated/agitated for 6 hours. It was strained through a fine mesh colander which let most of the frass and ectoskeleton through. After the spray dried the frass was dusted all over the leaves and flowers. However that didn't stay long as the rain had it's own plans.


9/19/18, Another foliar spray was applied. 3.5 gallons of water and 1 cup of kelp was areated for 48 hours then strained well. 1/4 cup frass was added directly to the strained kelp solution. It went in fresh and unstrained...still playing around with ideas. 3/8 cups of fresh aloe leaf was blended well with some water and added after it was strained of the leftover aloe bits. Lastly it's mixed well before spraying and I shake it constantly while spraying. I sprayed some of this on the indoor plants and they pulled in color over night.


9/20/18, Plant photos were taken late morning today.



Black Triangle #F. She grows well outside. She has a sweet spot of real estate too. It gets the earliest kiss from the sun as it comes over the mountain.




Black Triangle #B. She's really coming around outside too. Smells of sweets and subtle lemons.




Noodle x Gogi f3. 





Some Black Triangle cobs getting ready for the 3 month cure. I went with a 24 hour sweat at 104F, 8 days of incubation at 78F - 80F. Then they were taken out of the vacume bags and dried for a week before they went back in. Then they went into a cool dark closet. They will sit for 3 months. I may test some after two. This is my first attempt and I had trouble with the seals on two of the bags and the cobs went sour. It didn't take long during the ferment either. It was less then 12 hours from the last time I had checked them. The rest of them turned out smelling really sweet, more than the curing flowers.








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