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Some Karma Gear for your face!

Guest milo

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I have some karma going.

And I thought I'd share some here. 

I am without a computer currently.. But that will be remedied soon. :smiley-smoking-bong:

Any way...

I have some karma og x biker (karmadown?) she was the lone survivor and a runt for the 1st 13 months of life. Then blewup and got to big.. Trying to train her down and flower her.

Was able to get two cuts of her, nice healthy little bushes. Pretty sure she's a female... 

Next I've got 2 SBC. One is older than the other and is ready to take cuts.

I have 1 KarmaRado OG fem... Also the lone survivor and runt.. With no side branching... I've been pinching and twisting her gently, still nothing.

And I have 5 WhiteRomulan x Biker that are bushing out beautifully.

Going to start some ghostrider v1?

I have the v2 as well... But I'm pretty sure these were from when they first came out. And perhaps one more .... xD

Only the one has shown sex.... So I'm excited.

Again, pics to come.

forgiveness, please.

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13 hours ago, Smokin Joe said:

Wait just a fucking minute there mister. This is the same shit you pulled in the other thread. I guess this time your dog ate it hu?

Computer ordered. Dick! :P

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Wonder if it's manics headbanger cut I knw it's being passed around I'm still wait on it an ghost og ,he has a cracker cut that done in 50 days can wait to run it with chem 91 here after xmas

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16 hours ago, Slick rick said:

Wonder if it's manics headbanger cut I knw it's being passed around I'm still wait on it an ghost og ,he has a cracker cut that done in 50 days can wait to run it with chem 91 here after xmas

no its from a member

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From jj topdawg

The AJ (asshole joe) cut is THE original Sour D cut. All this ECSD name-taggin is just that, name taggin. I think Rez had something to do with it when he released his "ECSD" and the various versions 3, 2.5, etc. Some peoples ECSD could be the original cut, who knows.

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thats shits from top dawg ,bunch of bs money grubber come into play well after rez ,so its rezs gear imo 

for someone to make that statements bullshit he is an asshole

hes outta vegas or on the west coast thats the  west coast sour d smoked it for 2 years  not even close to ecsd

my 2 cents

rez never released a ecsd ,he worked sdthe cut to a v.3 and ibl

v3 found in heads casey jones some think its rezs best work with sd

asshole joe deserves an ass kickin for spreading the lies

nycd went to massachuttes who we dont like,and called  nyc  ,sour d to drop the ny thing and crossed the nycd  to the mss and was called ecsd 

dig back you;; find the info imma talking about

its more believable than this scum bag aj.,hes probably a buddy of swerve

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All I was told is its AJ's cut is Original Diesel. that's been around before the hole rez label mess if you want to look it up ok if you want to try it ok will pass it to you anytime! there is so many cut around like chem 91, skva,jb cut,bigworm cut, ISP 91 all I knw is folks who passed it put up some flame pic of it one more pic I will snap a few tom mines in week 3 now


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lemme know when ready rick

and yes sd was around before rez it came from soma

imma have to search for my proppin and floppin buddy on ic rag and snatch a pic of the real one ,suckd the crazy new york jew was gonna swap for 4sd but i got banned :( i forget his new handle he gets banned monthly from the rag lol

lets keep the sd talk in the sd thread ,were hijacking @milo thread lol

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Original Diesel' (also known as Diesel #1, Headband, Daywrecker Diesel, Underdawg) came from a cross of '91 Chemdawg x (Mass Super Skunk x Sensi's Northern Lights) done by a guy known as ‘weasel’. This is AJ's cut.

Don't knw why it came out like that

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JM the Calyx shape is right,  but where is the Lime green color at?

The best Sour Diesel I've had always had a bright lime green color with orange hairs.

It was $400 an oz weed.. that's hella expensive but it was worth it..almost..

I am looking forward to trying that Aj's Sour D that Rick is holding.

Maybe that's the one I remember and have been chasing for like 7-8 years now.

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